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1) $BEDU Gapping down on China regulation (14.57)
Stock Gapping down -3.50 would take some long at $11 spot looking for some sort of retrace back to $12.50-$13 before fading again. Looking for quick short covering money then fade it.

2) $NLSN Elliot taking stake in the company looking to push to sell it (21.97)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like to see a little more push at the open maybe we see $26.50-$27 then look to go short and fade this back down to $23.50 and under. This will not fully gap fill but will give us enough to make a few bucks when it fades

3) $TLRY Gapping up on multiple upgrades $34 PT (25.82)
Stock Gapping up +1.20 I like to see small pop at open to $27.60-$28 then go short and gap fill it back down to $26.40 then look for possible all day slow move to highs let it set up for us

4) $RUTH Multiple downgrades this morning (33.15)
Stock Gapping down -1.15 like to see a small sell off at the open to $31 and under then go long on it then look for a nice move gill some of the gap over $32 if this pops at the open then look for this to sell off all day long

5) $HOLX Restricting themselves (40.66)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I would take a little long at $38.50 room to $37 at the open look for a nice 2 point bounce on it then look to go short for all day fader, if this pops at open to $39.75+ look to go short the stock after it tops off

6) $PZZA Longbow out with an upgrade and $52 PT (40.26)
Stock Gapping down -1.00 would actually nibble a few long here at $41.49 I did, then add on dips on the gap fill and look for a possible move to $43-$44 on this stock, remember this wouldn’t break $40 on Friday so think we get a nice push today on some recovery plus they want to help the other franchises out as well

7) $DY Earnings Disaster Total gut miss this will get gutted today (89.71)
Stock Gapping down -$20 you can take a little long here at $69 can pop to $72-$74 on short covering then look for a nice play on it to the downside, I would love to see any pull at open to $65 and under and I would nibble long on it for sure.

8) $EDU China looking for possible regulation on education schools (86.99)
Stock gapping down -6.50 I would be a buyer at $80 spot and look for a retrace back to $85+ then watch for topping then look to fade it back down 2-4 points

9) $ALNY Gapping down investors digesting Partisiran Approval (97.38) most analyst have this over $125 PT still
Stock Gapping down -$5 I like to see some pop at the open on some short covering to $95+ then look for a possible all day fader after initial pop. If this pulls at open to $90 spot I would be a buyer on it. Took a few long starter at $92.50 looking for a quick bounce on it.

10) $LOXO “Yigal” out with a “6 month” Target of $235+ (159.30) Trying to get a fill at $161 on the ask, no go yet
Stock Gapping up +1.5 I like to get a fill at $160-$161 on this today and let it ride to $165-$170 I think this stock is only in play for today so don’t look for a swing on it, cause this is 6 months down the road but for us a nice play for today

Notable Calls:

$RGNX Barclays out with a raise from $48 to $83 PT (67.40) No MM’s on it but anything below $68-$69 to me is a buying opportunity so watch the open, this had an offering as you all know at $65 a share so be weary it may pull a little on the offering then move back up to me $68-$70

$TSLA No gap at the moment lots of speculation financing not in place (355.49) stock is gapping down -1.00 like to see a possible pull at open to $350 and under then lets see if we get a 5-7 point pop at the open, if this pops at the open to $360-365+ watch for topping and look to fade it back down slow fader


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