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1) $RIGL Citi out today with $8.50 BUY rating and PT (2.81)
Stock Gapping up +.20 would take some long here at $3.07 area room to add at the open on any pullback $3 and under if volume kicks in should be fun look for possible $3.50 to $4 on it today

2) $CRON WEED UP $CRON is the cheapest of the 3 (9.94)
Stock Gapping up +$1.60 let it rip at the open this has huge volume already, let it rip towards $12 spot or more look for a starter short and bring this back down to $10.80 and under, this should pop and fade on profit taking then bottom curl then look to go long, should be fun for us

3) *******$TLRY if you can get shorts get them (43.86) UP WAY TO MUCH
Stock Gapping up +$9 imo short short short short would take a starter at $52 area room to $54 at the open and let this come down to $45-$46 on a quick snap pullback and then smile

4) $CGC WEED stocks up lots of positive news out there (45.00)
Stock Gapping up +$3 would take a nibble short here at $48 room to add to $50 look for the gap fill pullback sell off to $46.50 and under bottom curl it then look to go long the stock, this should sell off on profit taking pretty quick and fast before legging up

5) *******$BE Credit Suisse DOWNGRADES to UnderPerform with a $24 PT (30.91)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I want this to short today so I will wait for the gap fill towards $30+ at the open if it comes then begin scaling in short and look to fade this all day to the down side. Higher it pops at the open better the fade for us all. If take now short give it room to pop

6) $PTLA Gapping up on positive JNJ news Goldman/Blair out positive as well (28.17)
Stock Gapping up +2 I like to see this run today so watch for quick pop and pullback to $29 and under bottom curl it then look to go long, if this pushes to $30-$31 at the open look to go short and gap fill it 1-2 points to the downside on it. Should be fun today if volume kicks in

7) $BZUN Gapping up with $BABA $MOMO and a few others on China + News (53.66)
Stock Gapping up +1.5 would take some short at $54.90 area room to $56 at the open gap fill pullback for quick money to $54 and under then bottom curl it then look to go long on it. MORE this pops imo better then short for us on size and nail the 2-3 points on it

8) $TEAM Gapping up on Market up (86.11)
Stock gapping up +1.20 would take a few short here at $87 with room to add at the open towards $88 or more then look for a nice gap fill pullback to $85.50 or under then bottom curl then go long back to highs

9) $NFLX Positive Barrons article this weekend driving it up today (358.82)
Stock Gapping up +10 love this gap up but took a few short at $367.20 area with room to add at the open simply looking for a gap fill pullback sell off to $364-$365 and then bottom curl it then look for more highs on it. If it pulls lower great will cover even better but bottom line should run

10) $TSLA NOT going public (322.82)
Stock Gapping down -$15 imo this will be bought up over the coming weeks I think this will be back to $335+ so if this dumps or sells off at the open I would be watch this $306-$308 area as an area to buy. Look for a pop at the open possibly to $318-$320 then let it come down and look for that $308 and under as a bottom curl

Notable Calls:

$EIDX Getting hit on $ALNY news (20.23) Gapping down -$5 took a few starter at $15.40 will give it room at the open looking for a 2-3 points pop or short covering at the open, if this yanks a little more to $12.50-$13 will add on it and play the pop on it.

$ALNY Positive STAT article from Adam F. Stock gapping up (96.87) If this hits $103-$104 area again, take the stock SHORT gap fill it back down to $98 and under bottom curl then go long. Most gaps with this stock get filled so be aware of that

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