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1) $ULTA Earnings Miss Multiple Downgrades Wells being the lowest $235 most $250 (337.45)
Stock gapping down -$85 I like the $250 base BUT you must give it room to $240 at the open if trying to long this, once this pops at open or in pre and gets through $256 you will get a 7-10 push for quick money before the stock fade, the ideal play is to see if we get a serious pull at the open towards $240 area or under and then we nail the upside of the trade on short covering squeeze. This is a wild ride today, BUT in Pre-Market $250 was the entry

2) $TSLA TOP SHORT IDEA possible exemption from 10% Chinese Tax on sales (221.71)
Stock gapping up +$12, imo this is nothing more then fluff news, doesn’t mean the company is going to issue more cars or beat on the top line, simple fluff news, Janni was spot on shorting this morning at $232 area imo any pop at the open again through $232-$235 top if off and look for a nice gap fill fade to $225 and under. More it pops better the fade for us

3) $AOBC Earnings Miss GUIDES low (7.68)
Stock gapping down -$1.40 this morning, like to see quick short covering pop to $7.25-$7.45+ area then top it off and look for an all day fader back to pre-market lows, they guided horrific stating gun sales have soften a lot. If this pulls hard at open towards $6.25 and under bottom curl it and bounce it for 1 point or more for quick money

4) $MRVL gapping down on Earnings miss (24.20)
Stock gapping down -$1.50 like to see small pop at the open towards $24 area top it off then look for an all day slow fade back to pre-market lows, if you take short here at $23.70 area give it room to $24-$24.20 then nail it short for nice fader on it

5) $BIG Earnings Beat (22.01) guides better the expected
Stock gapping up +$4.50 Great Call by Janni in pre-market to short the $26 area to $23 Bravo, now I would like another push at the open quick squeeze to $26-$27 area top it off and then look for another 2-3 point pullback on it, if this yanks at the open hard watch the $22.50-$23 level scale in LONG and look for a nice all day slow move to the upside back to pre-market highs

6) $AMBA BIG BIG BIG Beat guides Q3 67 million vs 55 million (47.37)
Stock gapping up +10 I like to see small sell off at the open or in Pre-Market to $53-$55 on it on profit taking, if this pushes at all through $57 chase it the stock will ramp up to $60 spot, once $59-$60 hits watch for topping then the stock should fade back down 4-6 points on profit taking, higher it pops better the fade, but if this dumps at open below $53 I would be buyer on weakness and walk this back up. Great quarter

7) $ALXN gapping down on $AMGN challenge in Patent office (112.17)
Stock gapping down -$10 I would nibble the $100 area room to $98 at the open watch for bottom curl once this gets through $102 this should push up back to $107-$109 area before topping off, no downgrades or analyst reducing PT so looking for shorts to cover at the open remember $102 is the key so if you buy here now at $100-$101 area start small and once it pops you can chase

8) $VMW up nice on DELL #Earnings (135.73)
Stock gapping up +4 would take small short at $139 area room to $141 top it off and look for this to gap fill back down to $136.50 and under, if this yanks at the open to $136.50 and under, cover your short bottom curl then slow move to the upside on it

9) $NFLX Market gapping I’m going to pick this one vs TTD (296.78)
Stock gapping up +$3.5 to $300 like to see this gap fill to $295-$296 area and under watch for bottom curl then quick bounce back through $300-$302+ area then slow move to the upside, harder this pulls at the open better the range for us to the upside, should be fun with range

10) $COO Guides in line #Earnings (328.59) NO MM’s on it yet but gap down huge
Stock gapping down -$23 I would watch for the open at $307-$309 area stock should push back up to $315-$318 area then watch for topping on it then slow fade back to pre-market lows, if this pulls hard at the open watch the $295-$298 area bottom curl it then as soon as it hits $300 off the bottom think the stock will push nice for quick points

Notable Calls:

$DELL Earnings Beat (46.77) DELL tends to gap fill, so higher it pops out of the gate better the range if this pushes back to $52-$53 at the open watch for topping the slow gap fill fade back down to $48 and under, if this yanks to $48 an under at the open bottom curl it then slow all day move to the upside

$CPB Earnings Beat CPB tends to fill their gaps (43.31) gapping up $2.5 like to see quick push at open to $46.50-$47.50 top it off then look for slow gap fill fade to $44 and under, once it snaps $44.50 at the open we should get the gap filled


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