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1) $NIO Day 3 remember 1 think the underwriters that IPO’d this have double there money (11.60)
Stock Gapping up +2 this morning, let this sell off again back down to $11.50 and under watch for bottom curl and lets see if we continue an uptrend back thru $13+ this has been nothing short of amazing, BUT it needs a breather so don’t be surprised if this gets below $11 I think in the 10’s if it hits we get another possible run. if this pops thru $13.50 at open we leg up to $15

2) $CSBR Earnings Beat (8.48 )
Stock Gapping up +1.5 imo let this pop at open then short it for a fader back down to $9 and under, if this dumps at the open then look for this hit $9 and under on profit taking then look to go long on it.

3) $STAA Gapping up on FDA approval of the supplement ICL (50.65)
Stock Gapping up +4 I like to see small pop at the open if it hits thru $55 this will launch and agree with Spartan could hit $58+ before coming down so once this pops chase it and let it push, if this small pops at open and lower lows set in this will be nothing more then just a fade.

4) $NI Gas explosion linking them to the source (28.08)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I like to see this sell off at the open maybe we get $22-$24 on it then look to bounce it, if this at all pop at open towards $27-$27.50 I would look to short the stock imo

5) $AMD Argus (Tier 3 Analyst firm) Puts out a $40 PT from $23 (30.48)
Stock Gapping up +1.5 I like to see this squeeze at the open, remember this is Argus not BofA so let it squeeze some maybe get thru $32.50-$33 watch for topping then short it and fade it down, if this pulls at open hard to $30-$30.25 are look to go long for a nice 1.5-2 points on it

6) $TNDM Baird out with a cut to Neutral BUT raises the PT from $42 to $47 (51.17)
Stock Gapping down -$2 2 ways to play this, this simply pushes at the open to $50.50+ then we fade it for 2 points to the down side or more, or this pulls at open to $47 area and under and we go long for 2 points to the upside. Basic 101 in here

7) $TLRY Old news being stirred up about Canadian Growers can’t enter US w/o issues (119.76)
Stock Gapping down -$20 imo this is simply someone stirring the pop to get some correction on this high flyer, a lot of people have gotten really upside on this trade and looking for that 1 headline to bring it down. IMO just be careful on your short side size, if this starts to get past $110+ I think we simply continue to go higher, if this yanks to $100 & below I would bounce it

8) $FIZZ Guggenheim out with a SELL rating and a $91 PT (123.50)
Stock Gapping NONE…..ok this will open up down at the open probably $119 or under then it will bounce 2-3 points top off then look for slow all day fader on it. There are no MM’s on it right now so wait for it to pull first then bounce then short it

9) $STZ Guggenheim out with a SELL rating and $177 PT (214.83)
Stock Gapping down -$2 would take some short at $212 room to add at the open look for an all day fader to $207-$209 and under, this won’t get too much of a sell off on this call, but enough to get you 5-7 points to the downside on it.

10) $NVDA Needham raises the stock from $325 to $350 PT (271.34)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like to see a pop at open towards $277+ then scale in short gap fill it back down to $273 area then bottom curl then look to go long on it for an all day move to the upside, if this yanks at the open to $273 scale in long for all day move to the upside

Notable Calls:

$ZGNX BofA out with a BUY rating and $63 PT (48.75) Gapping up .40 we were on this at $47 from previous swing idea 3 days ago. would take some here at $49.30 add on dips at the open this upgrade from BofA should take it all the way to $50-$51+ today

$PLAY Earnings Beat Guidance Lifted (57.52) Gapping up +$2 like to see a little more pop at the open possibly thru $60+ then top it off then look to short it back down 1.5 or more then bottom curl then go long.

$AAOI Gapping up on Article for Seeking Alpha (33.79) I would take some short here at $34.90 room to add at the open then look for a FULL gap fill then bottom curl then go long for an all day slow move to the upside


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