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1) $SPI former runner launches HEMP and CBD Business (2.26) All eyes on this, this morning
Stock gapping up +$1.00 like to see this rush through $4-$4.50 in pre-market then look for a decent pullback on it back down to $3.15-$3.35 spot bottom curl it and with buyer and volume pop it again, let it set up for us traders should be fun today, do not short it until we get the lower lows to set up

2) $ZYNE Positive results on Phase 2 Open Label (11.30)
Stock gapping down -$1.50 I like to see small pop at the open towards $11 spot then top it off then slow fader back to lows, if this yanks at the open hard to $8-$8.50 I would be a buyer on the short covering squeeze on it.

3) $PTCT 100 million offering plus 250mil convertible notes (43.32)
Stock gapping down -$3 any pop at the open over $40-$41 imo would be nothing more then a short and all day fader, I see with all this trying to cash out like to see this come down to $35-$37 today just too much greed on the offerings

4) $ACAD Prices 6.25 mil at $40 a share #OFFERING (42.60)
Stock gapping down -$2 like to be a buyer on this at $39-$39.50 area and under, more it goes underneath better the range on the upside pop, I would love to see this pop at open then fade off all day, this is a small offering so should get filled quick but I’m eyeing for this to sell off more today way below $40

5) $UPS Getting hit on $FDX numbers (122.39)
Stock gapping down -$3 I would like even more downside on this to $115-$117 at the open then bounce it 2-4 points then all day fader on it, if this at all gap fills back to $121+ at the open I would lean into this short and fade it all day long

6) $CDW Gets to Join the S&P 500 wow!!! (113.80)
Stock gapping up +$7 I’d like to see this push to $123-$125 at the open this is HUGE for investors Traders, so look for this to pop and pullback to $115-$117 area then bottom curl it then slow all day move back to pre-market highs, if this yanks at the open at all to $115-$117 I would be a BUYER on the stock

7) $ROKU getting smashed on $FB Portal TV PR OUCH!!!! (150.52) This is the wild card today
Stock gapping down -$6 would love to see this get through $145 at the open then quick push to $147 on it top it off then fade it, if this pulls hard at the open watch the $137-$139 levels as Bounce opportunities for us to bounce it, in then end more this tries to gap fill better the range for the downside for us

8) $FDX Horrible guidance on #Earnings (173.30) Multiple PT reductions some as low as $120
Stock gapping down -$18 I personally would prefer a solid smash at the open to under $150 anything with $148-$149 I would scale in long and bounce this BIG time, I believe investors will come in and short cover $150 an under, if this at all pops at the open give it room to $158-$160 area on short covering then lean into it short and look for an all day bleeder on it

9) $ADBE Earnings Miss guides lower (284.69) Multiple PT reductions BUT NOT BY MUCH
Stock gapping down -$7 I would prefer a sell-off at the open to $272-$274 and under then small 4-5 point bounce on the stock, more it pulls better the range to the upside, if this pops at all at the open and short covers to $278-$280+ imo this will top off then slow fade all day long back to lows

10) $NFLX Getting hurt on $FB Portal Tv announcement (298.60) More it pulls more ROKU pulls
Stock gapping down -$4 I like to see this get hit hard today to $288-$290 at the open if it comes then look to bounce it 4-5 points for quick short covering bounce then slow fader back to lows, if this at all pushes at the open and tries to gap fill to $297+ top it off and look for all day bleeder, especially with the FED minutes coming today

Notable Calls:

$TTD Market pulling, (213.25) took small short at $212.50 will give it room to $215+ to add at the open looking for $208-$210 on the pullback then bottom curl then slow move to the upside, more it pulls at the open if it does watch the $208-$210 flush then the standard 4-6 point bounce then slow fader

$SHOP gapping up +4 on Market gapping down (328.82) would take some short at $332 and look for this to flush out to $325-$328 at the open then look and watch for bottom curl on it then look for 5-7 points to the upside, more this yanks at the open if it does I will be playing the nice 3-6 point bounce on it today


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