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1) $ACHV New Cystisine formulation “Former runner’ (2.73) Chatroom will play this
Stock Gapping up +1 I like to see this pop at open towards $4.50-$5 if it comes then look for this to do a sharp snap and pullback on it maybe we get $3.25 and under this can and will run on volume so don’t be surprise if it pushes. If buyers come in this can rock to $6.50-$7 on it so be careful shorting it lets keep an eye on it

2) $ALDX Beautiful Call that this was setting up for an #Offering yesterday they did (13.35)
Offering is 5.25 Million at $13.50 pretty small for the volume they did yesterday
Stock Gapping down nothing would go long the $13 spot add on dips expect the stock to rebound back to $14.25-$15 if this yanks again at the open $13 and under is the sweet spot

3) $BBBY Earnings and Guidance Disaster (18.81) Multiple d/g with $15 PT
Stock Gapping down -$3 imo I like to actually see this do a sharp pull at the open then go long, I think this will bounce on short covering to $16.50-$17+ before topping off, if this pops at open let it short cover thru $17 you can chase, but once this tops off this will be an all day bleeder

4) $CBMG enters licensing and collaboration with NVS (23.55) up thin
Stock Gapping up +$4.50 imo this is nothing more then a pop and fade back down to $24 and under, if this pulls at open cover if you took it short and look for a nice 1-2 points bounce once it gap fills. If this pops at open to $28+ Laugh…..take a deep breath and begin scaling in short

5) $DOVA DOVA & BHC enter agreement to co-promote DOPTELET (22.24) SO………?
Stock Gapping up +$2 any pop at the open imo is nothing more then a short and fade back to $22.50

6) $AAOI Loop out with a HUGE SELL downgrade with $20 PT from $35 (31.34)
Stock Gapping down -$3 I like to go LONG here at $28 level look for a nice gap fill back up thru $30+ for quick money then look to fade the stock for an all fader back to lows, if this yanks at open hard to $26 area I would be a BUYER on the stock and bounce it nice for 2-4 points

7) $CAG Earnings Miss (36.06)
Stock Gapping down -3.5 I would nibble some LONG at $33 area room to add on the pullback CCall is starting in 15 mins think ceo might get on and say something positive and get the stock to push back up towards $35+ area, if this dumps in 15 mins at the bell to $31-$32 I would be a BUYER on the stock, Investors love the name and will buy this stock on weakness

8) $FUL Earnings Miss (56.94)
Stock Gapping down -$3 I like this to pull a little more at the open on a sell off to $52 spot if it comes or under then look to go long on it for a nice 2 POINT + bounce on it. If this pops at all at the open and short covers back to $55-$56 then look to short the stock all day long on a fade.

9) $CYBR Morgan Stanley out with a $92 PT from $71 (73.49)
Stock Gapping up +3 I would nibble some SHORT here at $76.80 room to $78 this is up thin so I think this should and will gap fill back to $74.25 and under on profit taking, Higher it pops better the short on the gap fill. If this yanks at open then simply look to cover it for a few points then bottom curl it then go LONG

10) $ALNY Positive Top line results Phase 3 study (91.33)
Stock Gapping down -$5 I like to nibble a few here $86 give it room, think this will bounce back to $90 spot, let it set up, it selling off on profit taking right now if this pops at open thru $87-$88 would chase it to $90+ area more it pulls at the open better the range on it

Notable Calls:

$AAPL JPM out with a $272 PT (220.42) Gapping up +$3 typically with $AAPL the gaps get filled 1/2 the amount of the Gap so would nibble some SHORT around

$TSLA Gapping up (309.58) +6 I would prefer a small pop at open towards $315-$317 then short it and gap fill it back down to $310.50 and under then look for bottom curl on it then look for slow all day move back up. Stock gapping up has range so should be good

$EGRX Downgrade out with Mizhuo with a $65 PT (68.79) Thin stock think it will pull at open hard maybe $66.50 then pop back up gap fill it to $68+ if you can get anything $68+ on it I would go SHORT for an all day fade on it

$CEI Per Kyle to Keep an eye on it Volume is thick this morning on it. Could see .60 cents once it starts going (.38) take a few here at .45 risk to .40 see if you can get .15 cents or more on it, its pretty thick this morning


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