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1) $VIVE Small Cap Flavor of the day Run well by Janni from $6 to $11 (3.80)
Stock Gaping up stupid At this point do NOT Long this unless we get $11.20 break out with volume, no $11.20 leave it alone if lower lows set in will be a nice SHORT for all the small cap rooms that love to ride this down, this is a dream for all of them and you on the short side, but do not hit it yet until the lower lows set in then fade to $5 and under

2) $PRNB #OFFERING 7.5 Million at $28 a share (29.91) TOP SHORT IDEA
Stock Gaping down -$.91 imo any pop at the open scale in more short once this breaks $29 should snap and fall to $27.50 area If we see $27.50 would nibble long and build a position stock should go back to $28-$28.50 either today or tomorrow. This needs to fill first

3) $RLMD Yesterday’s phase 2 already giving back quite a bit this morning (26.20)
Stock Gaping down -$3 like to see small pop at the open on short covering to $25-$25.50+ scale in short and look for a nice sell off to $20 and under, if this pulls at the open to $20 and under scale in long and look for a nice 3-4 point short covering pop on it.

4) $SNBR Earnings Beat Nice Top line Beat BUT… In-Line Guidance (46.86)
Stock Gaping up +$3 would take small nibble short at $49.50 area room to $51 to pop at the open imo this should fade and gap fill on profit taking back down to $47.25 and under. I like the beat but this gap up is a little overdone based on the guidance, if you want to wait a few mins to see if it pops then do so, but if this pulls at open to $48.50 it will snap and fill some of the gap

5) $CAH report co are in talks over opioid settlement agreement (47.90)
Stock Gaping up +$2.10 IMO this is nothing more the fluff news and this should gap fill right back to $48.25 and under, any pop at the open through $50-$51 area top it off and look for this to gap fill fade on profit taking to $48.25 and under. if this yanks right at the open and gap fills bottom curl it then slow move to the upside

6) $AVAV Piper out with an Overweight and $76PT from $66 (57.06) NO MM’s on it yet
Stock Gaping up +$2 any pop at open over $59 scale in short and look to simply gap fill this back down to $57.25 and under then bottom curl then slow all day move to the upside. More this pops at the open if it does better the range on the gap fill. If this gaps fills right at the open in the first 5 mins bottom curl it then slow all day move to the upside towards $59+

7) $UAL Earnings Beat, Already predicted by an analyst last week (87.88) Pay attention to that
Stock Gaping up +2.20 IMO any pop at open towards the $90-$91 area would look to gap fill this on profit taking back down to $88-$88.50 and under a lot of bag holders on this, and with the market pulling some this should gap fill BUT wait for the initial pop at the open UAL tends to squeeze a little before filling the gap

8) $MCK Higher on reports in talks to settle Opioid settlement agreement (138.17)
Stock Gaping up +$7 imo this should slowly slowly gap fill right back to $140 and under, if this pops at open at all to $147-$149 watch for topping then scale in short and ride this down 4-5 points, if this breaks $145 at the open we should get the rest to $140 Remember nothing is set in stone yet on $MCK $CAH $ABC this is all speculation and the stocks are gaping on just that

9) $RETA This isn’t done yet we still have another day in it (157.92) Especially no offering yet!
Stock Gaping up +$5 like to see small pop at open to $162-$164 top it off then look to gap fill this back down to $158-$159 bottom curl it then slow move back to the $163-$165 range, let this set up, more it pops at the open better the range to the downside BUT you must give it room before sizing in on the gap fill short

10) $WDAY Getting hit on Financial Analyst Day Event (180.96) LET THIS SET UP AT THE OPEN
Stock Gaping down -$12 I would nibble small long at $169 once this pushes through $170+ at the open the stock should gap fill back up to $175+ if this yanks 1 more time at the open towards $165 I feel that when shorts will begin to cover and fresh buyers have come in, keep in mind NO financial report has been give, this isn’t a downgrade this isn’t guidance this is an event

Notable Calls:

$ADBE Downgrade to Neutral by Citi to $313 PT (279.39) Gaping down -$9.5 would long this at $272 area when it hits for gap fill push back to $275 the top it off then all day fader on it, if this yanks at open towards $265-$268 buy the weakness and bounce this baby 5-6 points for quick money before scaling in short on it

$TTD (212.00) Market Gaping down Stock gaping down -4 love to see small pop at the open back to $212-$214 area then nice 5-7 point short on it back down to pre-market lows, if this snaps at open to $205 area and under I would be a buyer on the nice bounce for points


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