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1) $SON Big downside guidance cut NO MM’s on it yet (58.27) TOP SHORT IDEA
Stock Gaping no, IMO this should open up down -3-4 points then pull a few more small pop for 2 points or more short covering then all day fader on it. If this comes even close to $57-$57.50+ at the open lean into it short and look for a nice all day fader on it (lets see how it opens)

2) $CANF Holding a Conference discussing Phase 3 Drug Candidate (2.32) STUPID WHO CARES!
Stock Gaping up +2.00 I would not LONG this stock at all unless it hits $5 with strong volume otherwise imo lower lows should set in and look for a nice gap fill fade to $2.50-$2.75 on it for an all day slow fader

3) $NFLX E/R Mixed I am not buying this being up on lower ongoing subscribers (286.28)
Stock Gaping up +$22 imo this should fade back to $300 an under on profit taking, I am simply not buying this report, I feel any pop at the open towards $312-$315 would be a nice fade, However if this pulls in Pre-Market to $300 and under watch for bottom curl on it at the open and decent squeeze, I don’t think this 22 Gap up will hold imo Remember #ACT gave this too you all at $255 LONG into Earnings, I don’t think I need to say anymore about what we accomplished

4) $CRON Block Trade 2 of 1.2 million at $8.40 after hours (8.40)
Stock Gaping up +$2 if this snaps and lower lows set in at $10 and under this should be a slow fader back to $9 and under, More this pops at the open on newbie chaser imo this should simply slow fade back down and fill most of their gap .

5) $NTNX William Blair making comments reiterating Outperform Rating on the stock (26.19)
Stock Gaping up +$1.50 IMO if you can take some short at $27.40 area room to add on any pop towards $28 and look for this to gap fill right back down to $26.25-$26.35 and under, if this snaps at open and gap fills simply cover your short and bottom curl slow move back towards $27+

6) $PAGS Goldman Prices the #Offering at 16.75 Million at $39 (39.53)
Stock Gaping up +$2 careful on this one volume is thick this morning, if this snaps at open under $40.50 look for a quick -$1 point pullback on it back to $39-$39.50, if we get anything under $39-$39.50 at the open I would be a buyer on the weakness and slow move back to pre-market highs, I would prefer a quick pop at the open imo towards $41.50-$42 for a nice short on it, let this set up for all of us

7) $CRUS Barclays out with Equal weight from “Underweight” 55 PT from $40 (54.55) TOP SHORT
Stock Gaping up +2.20 this should simply gap fill and gap fill quick at the open any any pop at the open towards $57 or any of the stock at $56.50 short short short it. This should simply gap fill

8) $CSX Nice all around win on Earnings (69.00) Someone got luck and got filled at $69
Stock Gaping up +$2 after hours this morning the ASK is at $70.85 I would prefer a nice $72 opening or more then look for profit taking pullback to $69 and under bottom curl it then slow all day move to the upside, if this yanks right at open hits $69 let it pull down a little more then bottom curl it then slow all day move to the upside

9) $IBM Earnings Miss Like Normal they always always always miss (142.11)
Stock Gaping down -$10 would nibble some long at $132 area room to $129 look for the stock to slow move back up towards $138-$139+ $IBM gets bought up s l o w l y on weakness on Earnings so be wary of that, more the pull at the open you better believe shorts will come in and cover so if you never traded $IBM simply watch an observe, if this pops at open and rushes to $137+ this should sell off 2-3 quick points before settling down

10) $RETA Still no Offering stock is gaping up I think today we see $172-$175 (166.76)
Stock Gaping up +$2 small pop at the open towards $169-$170 then we get a nice decent pullback on it, today I would love to see $155-$157 on the pull back at the open just like yesterday, then bottom curl then slow all day move to the upside with range

Notable Calls:

$URI Earnings slight miss (121.67) Like to see pop at open towards $122-$125 on this gap down at $119 URI is tricky and tends to pop on thin volume when pulling down on earnings watch for topping at the $125-$126 level then we can get some fade on it

$HEPA Gaping up on published article (2.50) STUPID Imo would NOT long this unless you see $5.25 spot with Volume around 500 to 1 million otherwise lower lows will set in and we see an all day fader back down towards $2.75 and under imo this should simply fade off, wait for the open and watch the lower lows to set it

$SYRS (10.10) discontinue development on SY-1365 Gaping down -$2.10 would love to see pull at open towards $7 and under then quick short covering squeeze back for 1-1.5 points then all day fader, if this small pops at open towards $8.50-$9 watch for topping then all day bleeder


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