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1) $ETON receives FDA approval for Biorphen (5.83)
Stock gapping up +$1.20 DO NOT BUY this unless we see $7.60+ with a BUYER then stock can push quick to $8-$8.5 then top off and fade, imo this is nothing more then a pop and fade back down to $6-$6.10 and under, so if it small pops and lower lows set in look for the stock to fade all day

2) $TACO Earnings Miss (9.67)
Stock gapping down -$1.25 I like to see some gap fill on weakness back to $9-$9.25 at the open then slow all day fader back to pre-market lows, if this pulls or yanks again at the open to $8 and under bottom curl it then slow move to the upside.

3) $GOSS Down on NVS missing Primary Endpoint (16.96) So $GOSS didn’t do anything should be bought back up on weakness
Stock gapping down -$6.96 This should simply gap fill back up to $15+ a share, $GOSS did not do anything wrong, this is overdone and stupid, if this sells off at all at the open watch the $10-$12 spot bottom curl and go long. Most of you in here should have bought those 10″s this morning

4) $HOG Earnings slight Beat (37.08) FINALLY a Beat
Stock gapping up $2.40 I would love to see this simply gap fill and sell off back down to $37.50-$38 area so watch for the pull to $39 at the open set up lower lows then slow gap fill sell off, if this pops at the open through $40-$41 that should be topping on it, once it begins to slowly pull this will gap fill on profit taking,

5) $CDNS Earnings Beat (66.75) Nothing really impressive in the report
Stock gapping up +$3.25 would nibble small short at $70 area room to $72 top it off then look for slow gap fill sell off to $67.50-68 and under, more it pops better the range to the downside, if this yanks at the open and gap fills to those areas bottom curl then slow move to the upside

6) $IIPR gapping up on NO NEWS (73.60) TOP SHORT TO GAP FILL
Stock gapping up +$5.50 this should simply gap fill on NO NEWS anyone who can get $77-$78 let it pops at open if it does and look for this to go straight down gap fill and then bottom curl around $74 and under then scale in long for slow move to the upside

7) $STMP Signs a nice deal with UPS (76.13) This isn’t the big one Traders but it’s a start
Stock gapping up +14 would like for this to small pop at the open towards $92-$95 if it comes then slow fade gap fill back down on profit taking bagholders to $80-$82 and under. If this yanks at the open to $88 stock should set in for a nice gap fill short, plays small get a feel before it yanks

8) $HHC Announce Transformation and strategic plans Replaced CEO today (128.38)
Stock gapping down -25 would nibble long small at $103 room to $100 look for shorts and investors to come in and buy the weakness, would love to see $105 pop at open then 1uick 4-6 points then be down with it, if this yanks at the open under $100 watch that bottom curl and play if for 5-8 points to the upside

9) $HAS Earnings Miss (120.16) NOTE $HAS tends to get bought up on weakness so watch the open
Stock gapping down -$20 would nibble very small at the $100 area Once we get $102-$103 at the open stock should short cover push back to $108-$110 then grind, if this pulls hard at the open watch the $98-$99 area be patient but once this gets going it will pop points you can make 2-4 points very quick especially at the open so be patient

10) $BIIB Plans to pursue reg approval + Great Earnings (223.51) NEW TRADERS DO NOT TOUCH
Stock gapping up +90 be careful on the short side of this, do not short unless you see a solid pull below $300 play small from there we should get another 15-20 points to the downside I would prefer a nice short squeeze a little more at the open towards $320-$330+ watch for topping play small you should get at least 10-20 points to the downside, let it show you breaking $300 will be the key at the open on profit taking if it comes

Notable Calls:

$VRTX Receives FDA approval last night (183.53) gapping up +7 Imo this should slow fade back to $180-$182 area any pop at the open towards $192+ watch for topping if lower lows set in this should simply fade slowly back down and gap fill 4-6 points

$UPS Earnings Mixed and Signs deal with $STMP (118.52) gapping down -$5 UPS tends to get bought up on miss so take small long at $113-$114 lok for a nice push to $116-$118 then top it off then grind, if this yanks at all at the open watch the $111-$112 area bottom curl slow move to the upside, this originally gaped up to $120 so stock has room more it pulls better the range to the upside

$TTS Disaster on Earnings stock will delist (3.35) gapping down -$2.40 would nibble small if it comes to the .75 cent area stock has value only looking for .50-$1 at the most on short covering, more this pulls better the range to the upside. If this gets through $1.00 at the open stock should push to $1.50-$1.65 area then top off then slow fader let this show you right now still fading, but I like the weakness.


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