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1) $NNDM Marks Sales Milestone More the 50 Systems sold (2.87) Okkkkkkkkkkk?
Stock Gaping up +$1.80 Needs to pop at open to $5 spot WITH VOLUME then look for a quick push to $5.50-$6 if we get small pop at open and lower lows to set in we break $4 then slow gap fill fade all day to $3-$3.25 and under. IMO this should not be up, these guys are doing there job!

2) $REZI Earnings Disaster (15.23)
Stock Gaping down -$9 NOW for us to play this we need $9.25-$9.5 with a decent buyer pop then we can get this back to $10.50-$11 should top off on short covering then all day bleeder, if this yanks OMG!!! If we see $8 and under I would be a buyer on weakness and pop this at least 2-3 points on short covering

3) $HNGR to join S&P small Cap 600 (20.51)
Stock Gaping up +$2.50 This needs to pop at open to $22.70 before I would long it for a quick 1-1.5 point push then slow fader back to $21.50 and under, if this yanks at the open to $21-$21.50 bottom curl it then slow move to the upside, should be fun

4) $SKX Earnings Mixed (38.00) Thin
Stock Gaping down -$1.38 Like to see small pop and gap fill towards $37-$37.50 then look for slow fade all day back towards $34-$35 if this yanks at the open watch the $35 level and under bottom curl and fresh investors will come in and buy the weakness, I would prefer the pop and fade

5) $ROL Earnings slight beat increases Div (investors like that) (35.98)
Stock Gaping up +$2.20 like to see small pop at the open towards $39+ top it off then look for a nice 2-2.5 point gap fill pullback on profit taking, then bottom curl it then slow move to the upside, if this yanks at the open and gap fills to $36.50 and under I would be a buyer on the bottom curl then slow move back through pr-market highs

6) $IRBT Beats but guides down big (54.03) JP Morgan out with a PT cut to $40 NEWBIES DO NOT TOUCH!!!!!
Stock Gaping down -$8 IMO this should sell-off today, BUT we are down already 8-9 points, so IF this pops it will be short lived on short covering to $49-$51 if we get that watch for topping then slow all day fader back to pre-market lows, if this yanks hard at the open watch $41-$43 area for shorts to come in and bounce it 4-5 points for quick money. I will play this, but I need a min or 2 to see if it yanks or pushes. Either way I’m on it for range

7) $TER Earnings Beat raises guidance .73 from .61 (59.15)
Stock Gaping up +4 I would like to see this actually pop a tad more at the open see if we get $63-$65 on it then slow slow fade into the upcoming ccall in 45 mins. If this pulls at the open watch for $60-$60.50 area for bottom curl then shorts will cover and new money should come in and take it back to pre-market highs

8) $TXN Earnings Miss (128.57)
Stock Gaping down -11 IMO I would not be a buyer unless we see $119 pop at the open then the stock should push to $122-$124 area top off then slow fader on it, if this yanks hard at the open I see $110-$112 as bottom curl shorts should come in and start covering and Fresh investors as well, let this show you in the first 1-2mins of the open

9) $WHR Earnings Miss (160.62) NO MM’s on it yet
Stock Gaping down -6 Typically $WHR is like $HHC and $HAS they tend to get bought up on weakness, so wait for the open, if this pulls at open to $150 and under watch for Buyers and shorts will cover and start pushing back towards $158-$160, more this pulls better the range for us to the upside, if this pops at the open to $158+ area scale in short we should get 4-5 pints to the downside

10) $NOW Earnings Mixed (228.34) Multiple Analyst saying to BUY the weakness today
Stock Gaping down -$15 IMO if this pulls again at the open towards $202-$205 Bottom curl it and I would be a BUYER on it,more it pulls better the range to the upside for all day move, if this pops at the open to $220+ should pull back 3-5 points for quick money then bottom curl move higher

Notable Calls:

$BA Earnings actually better the expected watch for $BA to make a decent move to $350+ Today (337.00) No matter the pullback to $330-$335 I would be a buyer, at this point momentum is to $348-$350+ then look for 5-7 point pullback bottom curl fresh buyers to come in and start loading up for next quarter

$SHOP Gaping down and stock is below $300 WOW!! (299.59) Gaping down -$4 would love to see full gap fill and push to $300-$303 at the open watch for topping then look for lower lows to set in then slow fade back to pre-market lows, if it breaks $295 we will see $290 on it for sure today

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