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1) $SFET Earnings Beat (6.80) Former runner, and nice volume thick this morning
Stock gapping +80% do NOT be a buyer unless we blow through $11 with 500k-1million in volume then look for a short squeeze to $13-$14 top it off then fade it slowly, if this small pops at open and lower lows set in look for a nice all day fader to $7.50-$8 and under. Great Pre-Market play this morning on the long side!!!

2) $FFHL Earnings Beat (3.30)
Stock gapping up +1.20 do NOT BUY this unless this pops through $5 with decent 500k-1mil buyer then look for quick push to $6-$6.50 then be done with it, imo this should small pop and then lower lows should set in then we get the all day fader to $3.65 and under, do not think this gap up will hold

3) $GES Earnings Miss in-line guidance (19.08)
Stock gapping down -$1.00 think this simply gap fills back up to $18.75+ at the open then grinds out, if this yanks at all at the open watch for $16.75-$17.25 area then slow move gap fill for 1-1.25 points for easy money

4) $CENT Earnings Miss (31.38) NO MM’s on it yet this morning
Stock gapping down -$4 like to see this quick pop open to $29-$29.50+ top off then slow all day fader on it, if this snaps right at open to $22-$24 area look for shorts to come in and cover this for quick 2-3 points, in the end this should sell off today, Guidance was horrible, more this pulls better the range for quick money on short covering, more this pops GREAT lean into it short all day fader to the downside

5) $BTI “CEO says on Track for a strong Year” (37.94)
Stock gapping up +$1.75 looking for small pop at the open towards $40 top it off then look to gap fill this back down to $38.25-$38.45 area and under then bottom curl then slow move to the upside, this will NOT full gap fill but at least come down enough for us to go long for a nice ALLLLL day slow move to the upside, CEO comments are very positive this morning for the co

6) $DELL Earnings Miss (53.19)
Stock gapping down -$2.90 would nibble small long at $50.60 area looking for the stock to pop and short cover squeeze back to $52+ then top off then all day fader, if this yanks right at the open watch the $48-$49 level for buyers to come in and short cover for quick 1-3 points

7) $KEYS Earnings Beat (105.73) issues in-line guidance
Stock gapping up +4 would take some short at the $108.75 level and room to $110 to add looking for this to gap fill back down to $106-$106.50 and under on profit taking then watch for bottom curl on it, imo this should simply gap fill then slow move to the upside, higher this pops better the range for the short

8) $DE Earnings Mixed (176.65)
Stock gapping down -$8 would NOT be a buyer long on it unless we see $170 at the open then nibble some long for a gap fill push to $172-$173 then be done with it, if this snaps at the open to $163-$165 an under watch that bottom curl for shorts to come in and get some covering for quick 2-3 points tot he upside

9) $VEEV Earnings Beat slight raise on guidance no upgrades on PT (159.23)
Stock gapping up +6 would nibble small short at $166 area room to $168 if this snaps $164 at the open like to see gap fill back down to $160-$162 and under then bottom curl then slow move to the upside, more this pops at the open imo better the range to the down side If this gap fills right at the open to $160-$162 bottom curl it then slow move to the upside

10) $BA Seattle Times commenting on Stress Test, this is warranted test nothing more (373.51)
Stock gapping down -$5 IMO this is a over reaction and retail traders do not understand the news, Think the stock will be bought back up and gap fill, would be a buyer at $368 level and add on any dip, Like to see this get to $373-$375 today or more

Notable Calls:

$PANW Overnight long at $220 think it was overdone yesterday like to see bounce today (220.37) gapping up +2 like to see push at open to $225 then small pullback then $218-$220 area then slow move to $225-$227 on it then grind out

$ROKU gapping up on NO news (164.28) gapping up +$2.75 would take some short at $166.90 room to add to $168 look for this to gap fill back down to $163.50-$164.50 then bottom curl then slow all day move to the upside, should be fun, more this gap fills and pulls better the range for us to the upside

$ARAV Small priced Offering 3.33mil at $7.50 (9.40) gapping down -$2 would nibble anything at $7.25 and under at the open if it pulls and look for a nice 1-1.25 point bounce on it, this is a small offering at a cheap price, day trade this only, more of a pull at the open if we see under $7 consider that Xmas and bounce it for 1 point easy money


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