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1) $BPTH Ready for Blast off on Phase 2 News (4.61)
Stock Gapping up +$1.70 took some LONG at $6.38 chased it selling on the way up to $7-$7.50 after the initial pop at open I will look for the back side of this to come down back to $6-$6.25 if it does on profit taking then watch for the bottom curl on it and then another solid run on this stock today, I would love to see $9-$10 on this today and with the volume and the news I don’t see why this can’t hit our targets with solid volume behind it

2) $NIO AS I told you yesterday they would disappoint on #ER BofA Cut to $6.80 (10.16)
Stock Gapping down -$1.5 imo any pop at open this should be an all day fader to $7.50 and under any pop would be a short imo so keep an eye, if this yanks at $7.50 at the open and under then go long and bounce it for a solid point then look to re-short it, shorts will want to cover at the open so watch for a quick push out of the gate imo

3) $QTT Earnings Miss (15.65)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I would like to nibble some LONG here at $13.85 area room to $13 at the open then look for a nice pop out of the gate on short covering to $14.25-$14.75+ then watch for topping then look to fade the stock again for an all day slow move to the down

4) $ZAYO announcing some strategic alternatives (24.41) imo this is just noise
Stock Gapping up +$3 I would nibble small at $27 SHORT room to pop this out of the gate towards $28 if it comes then watch for topping on the stock then look to fade it back down and gap fill this back to $25-$25.50 and under, I think they will try to keep a little but in the end this should gap fill close to yesterday’s close

5) $BJ Mixed Earnings slight miss on guidance (26.62)
Stock Gapping up +$3 then sold off on the conference call, Nibble small amount at $27.50 area room to $26.75 pull at the open watch for bottom curl on it then look for a nice 1-2 points to the upside, be careful this could simply gap fill pull at the open and shake you out before going back up 1-2 points, but imo this should push at the open then grind out more it pulls at the open better the play for us to the upside

6) $AMBA Earnings Beat (40.54)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I would like to see a little more push at the open towards $45-$46 area top it off then look for a nice 2-3 point pullback sell off on the stock, if this pulls at all on profit taking at the open look for a nice pull to $42 area and under then bottom curl it then look to go long on it

7) $ALNY 4 secondary endpoints did not meet (88.31)
Stock Gapping down -$7 I would love to see a little more pull at the open towards $75-$76 before longing it, for a s 3-4 point bounce, if you take now, let it push at open towards $82.50+ then look for a push to $84-$85 then short it, imo this should pop and fade for the day, but if it yanks hard at open then long it for quick points on short covering

8) $AVAV Slight Earnings Beat (76.74)
Stock Gapping up +$8 imo this is up a little too much would consider taking some short here at $86 level room to $89 if it pushes then look for a 4-5 point gap fill sell off on it, imo I read the report this gap up doesn’t justify on mixed guidance like to see this pop an fade

9) $ROST Earnings Mixed (94.17)
Stock Gapping down -$3 imo this will simply be bought back up and look for a gap fill to $94-$95 or more then top it off an fade it, if for some reason this pulls at open hard to $90 and under go long on it for a nice 2-3 point to the upside

10) $AON not pursuing business with $WLTW (157.25)
Stock Gaping up +$10 imo I would take a few short at $167+ room to $170 and look to fade this slowly back down to $160-$162 and under, watch for the pop and topping and look for the lower lows to set in slow and fade this back down on profit taking

Notable Calls:

$TSLA Market gapping down should give us another play in this. (276.54) Gaping up +$3 would like to see small pop at the open then followed by a nice plush to $270 area and under then bottom curl it then bounce it, I will play this as this pulls down more it drops better the range REMEMBER yesterday we caught 15 points on the $270 area $260 will give us even better range

$DLTR Earnings Mixed (95.47) Gaping up +$6 I would short this back down to $96 and under, I read the report and I’m not impressed, surprised the stock is above $100+ imo this should simply fade back down

$BZUN Earnings Miss (39.44) Gaping down -$3 I would love to see this squeeze to $42+ and gap fill back to $39-$40 at the open then let it sell off again and then we will get another shot on the bottom curl on the stock, should be fun today