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1) $IRBT Earnings Miss (130.57) Tricky Stock so Trade small size
Stock Gapping down -$21 if this pops at open through $110 long it for quick 4-6 points on short covering pop then top it off and fade it all day. If this at all pulls at open below $100 at the open watch for shorts to come in hard and begin covering for quick 5-10 point pops this is going to be the wild one today!!!

2) $BSX Earnings slight Miss (35.89)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I’d like to see this slow and steady LONG back to $35-$35.50 then top it off then look to fade the stock, If this pulls at all at the open hard towards $33.50 area again, I would look to go LONG on it on the bottom curl back up for 1-2 points

3) $EBAY Earnings Beat Multiple Upgrades raises Guidance (36.67)
Stock Gapping up +$2 Like to see this gap fill to $37-$37.25 and under then bottom curl then LONG on it, if this pops at all at the open towards $38-$39 would lean into it short and slow gap fill it back to $37 area then go long. EBAY tends to gap fill before legging up

4) $HOG Goldman out with a SELL Rating and a $34PT (38.92)
Stock Gapping down -$1.20 like to see small pull at open to $37 and under area if it comes then being Goldman look for the gap fill on it to $38.50+ then top it off then look to short the stock. More it pulls if it does better the range to go long and gap fill it then short it

5) $TER Earnings Mixed (44.59)
Stock Gapping up +$4 after hours, then $3 this morning, but I’d like to see this actually gap fill to $45-$45.50 and under then bottom curl then slow move to the upside, this could be like $CDNS and simply gap fill before legging up. If this pushes at all at the open towards $48 I would like to short the stock and gap fill it

6) $NVS Earnings Beat (75.90) Remember the stock has been destroyed last 6 days
Stock Gapping up +$3 I would love to see a rush at the open to $79-$80 then some pullback on it then look for bottom curl then possible slow alllllll day move back to $80-eventually even $85+ over then next coming days. I’d like to see bottom is in at $76 on this stock

7) $APH Earnings Miss (105.38)
Stock Gapping down -$8 I’d like to see this pull even more at the open towards $95 and under then possible 3-5 point bounce then top it off again and short it, I’m not happy with the report so I would like to see even more downside, more it pulls then better the short covering bounce on it. IF this at all hits $102+ on short covering get in their and short the stock

8) $SYK Earnings SLIGHT Miss (186.96)
Stock Gapping down -$5 imo this weakness should be bought up back to $184-$185 at the open if this yanks hard at the open look for $178 area for bottom curl then look to go long on it, More it pulls better the LONG on it. If this pops and gap fills to those ares scale in short and fade it back down

9) $DPZ Earnings Beat (270.20) NOTE this was upgraded 10 days ago buy Tier 1 for Today
Stock Gapping up +$18 I like to see small pop at open towards $290-$292 watch for topping then look to fade this back down to $275 and under on profit taking gap fill, if this dumps at open on profit taking to $275 and under bottom curl it then look to go long, NOTE: CCall starting in 45mins

10) $BA Earnings Mixed does not issue guidance from what I’m seeing (374.02)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I think investors have been waiting for this and BA is putting some analyst at ease today, I think Fresh Buyers will begin to load up with that said. Look for small pop at open to $381-$383 then look for the flush down to $370-$372 then bottom curl it then go long, I will wait to see how it opens but if it dips to $372 area and under I am a buyer today

Notable Calls:

$SAP Earnings Beat (114.80) Gaping up +$12 I like to see the stock sell off towards $120 and under, nice beat but the stock is up thin and a lot of bag holders on the name, if this pops again watch the $128+ area as topping on it then look for the 4-6 point fade on it.

$RBZ Idiot Roth Company putting a BUY rating and $11PT (5.35) STUPID Imo this is nothing more then a chase pop at open if any then gap fill back down to $5.40 and under then bottom curl it, I think a lot of Newbies will buy this stock so if you don’t want to wait for the gap fill you can pick a few up at $5.65 and add on dips think the stock runs to $6+ on this dumb upgrade