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1) $JMIA Continuation sell off from 3 days ago SWING SHORT (26.89)
Stock Gapping down -3.5 would take some LONG here at $23.25 level think the stock pushes right at the open at least 1.5-2.5 points then top off then slow fader again. More it pulls if it does better the short squeeze covering at the open love to see $22 on it then bounce it again

2) $Z (34.27) $ZG (33.57) Both gaping huge on Upside Guidance on Earnings
Stock Gapping up +$4 on each would love to see them rip at the open another 2-4 points or more then 2 point pull on it then then slow curl then slow move towards $40-$42 on the stock, If this at all Gap fills towards $35 and under I would be a BUYER on the stock the guidance is huge I like the long side at the open so look for the push for points

3) $SYMC Earnings In-Line (22.17)
Stock Gapping down -$3.5 would nibble some long here at $18.75 area room to add on the pullback at the open if it comes towards $17 think this slowly gap fills back to $20-$20.50 or more on the in-line guidance

4) $PBYI Earnings Miss BIG Time (30.02)
Stock Gapping down -$11 like to see this pull a little more at the open towards $17-$18 then bounce it 2-3 points on short covering, if this at all pops at open max should be $24-$25 on it watch for topping then slow all day fader More it pulls better the range to play long. More it pops better the fade for us.

5) $JD Earnings Beat (27.51) Thick and strong today in Pre-Market
Stock Gapping up +$3 like to see this squeeze a little more at the open towards $31-$32 area if it comes then watch the sellers come in if this breaks $29.75-$30 and lower lows set in it should fade off to $28 point or so. Let this show you at the open to short with size

6) $YELP Earnings IN-Line (39.73)
Stock Gapping down -$3.73 I would actually nibble a few long here at $36.10 and under room to $35 at the open like to see this pop 1.5-2.5 points at the open on short covering top it off then slow all day fader on it. Should be fun

7) $FGEN Earnings Miss (45.67)
Stock Gapping down -$8 would nibble a some at $37 level room to $35 think this short covers to $40-$42 at the open then all day fader on it more it pops and short covers better the fade for us, if this yanks hard under $34-$35 fo long and bounce it 3-4 points for quick money

8) $NVRO Earnings Miss guides lower (62.76)
Stock Gapping down -$10 I like to see small short cover to $55-$57 at the open or in pre-market top it off then all day fader, in the end I think this simply fades today. If this pulls hard at the open under $49-$50 be a buyer and short cover this 3-5 points to the upside should be fun

9) $ALRM Earnings Slight beat nothing impressive (69.97)
Stock Gapping down -$6 I would nibble some LONG $63 area room to $61 at the open think this pops to $65-$66 then slow fade on it, watch the open more it pops better the short for us, I love this kind of set-up if this pulls hard at open to $60-$61 be a buyer and rip it up 2-4 points on short covering

10) $GH Earnings Beat Guides 10Million more on Revs (64.07)
Stock Gapping up +$10 I like to see small pop at open like to get to $75-$76 on it top it off then look for a nice 5-6 point pullback on it, this should not fill the whole gap imo but should give us decent range on it. More it pops or squeeze at the open better the short for us on the downside

Notable Calls:

$JOBS Earnings Miss Miss on Guidance (84.28) Gaping down -$9 would nibble a few long $75 think this runs to $78-$79 then all day fader on it, if this yanks at the open look for the $72-$73 area to bounce the stock 3-5 points then slow fade on it Higher it pops better the SHORT for us

$DBX Earnings Beat (23.23) Gaping +$1.25 like to see small pop at the open towards $25 then look for a nice sell off on the same gap fill it back to $23.50-$23.75 and under then bottom curl it. $DBX tends to sell their gaps on Earnings so I would be eyeing the gap fill before going long, higher the pop at the open better the fade

$UBER Priced 180Million at $45 This should be good today, if they open up $50 and under which I think they will with 25-30Million out of the gate I think this could run towards $60 What happened to $LYFT will NOT happen to $UBER today so expect a nice push at the open vs. sell-off