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1) $ABIO Gaping up on NO NEWS (15.10)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to see small pop at the open followed by a nice gap fill pull back to $15.50-$16 then bottom curl it then look for another play in it as it pushes towards $20 YOU have to be fast on this one it happens it will be quick money, Stock is liquid when it runs just don’t hold it let it rip and get out once it starts

2) $CNDT Earnings Miss PT at CITI $12 (12.50)
Stock Gapping down -$4.5 Like it down here at $8 room to $7 to add at the open think stock rebounds back through $9-$9.50 or more watch for that bottom curl on it at the open

3) $RVNC Earnings Miss (12.68)
Stock Gapping down -$2 like to see a little more pull at the open towards $9.50-$10 and under then bottom curl then slow move back to $11-$11.50+ If this pops at all at the open towards $11 or more watch for topping then all day fader on it

4) $SAIL Earnings Miss Horrible Guidance CEO Steps down (27.33)
Stock Gapping down -$9.5 I would nibble small here below $19 room to $17 at the open think we get a decent bounce on it to $21-$22+ on it then top off and fade it, more it pulls at the open better the short covering bounce. I would love to see $15 on it then for sure we get a solid 2-3 point bounce or more. If you take some now just nibble

5) ******$STMP This is a solid mess and becoming a Garbage company (83.39)
Stock Gapping down -$40 I would actually like to see more pull at open under $40 before actually trying to bounce it, I do think investors have had enough of STMP However if this opens at $45+ go long and push it 4-6 points or more on short covering then top it off and fade it. Mutiple downgrades everywhere with $45 PT so I’m hoping we get a flush at open then short covering bounce but $45 will be the key area to go long imo

6) ******$GDOT Earnings Miss Horrible Guidance seeing $60PT on it or less (63.27)
Stock Gapping down -$17 points. I would actually nibble some LONG here at $46 area room to $44-$44.50 at the open think this bounces back through $50-$53 or more then top it of then look for a nice all day fader. If this pulls at open I don’t see more then $42-$43 on the pull but once that bottom curl sets in it should push at the open and short cover

7) $TPR Earnings Beat nothing imo special that stands out (30.75)
Stock Gapping up +$6 would nibble some SHORT at the $36 area room to $37+ at the open watch for topping once this breaks $35 or under stock should fade nicely gap fill to $32 and under

8) $ETSY Earnings Miss mostly inline (68.08)
Stock Gapping -$4 would like to see a little more pull at the open towards $61-$62 and under then go long on it, Investors like $ETSY and most likely will be buying up the weakness on the stock so watch for the push through $64 if it comes at the open

9) $TSG announces partnership with $FOXA (17.49)
Stock Gapping up +$4 like to see a little more push at the open towards $22.50-$23.50 then top it off then slow gap fill fade to $19-$20 or under on profit taking if this yanks at open to $21 and under short it and walk it down to $19 and under

10) $ROKU Nice Earnings Beat last night (64.92) Market pulling this should gap fill
Stock Gapping up +$7 would like to see this sell off and gap fill after initial small pop at the open would like it to slide back to $65.50 and under then bottom curl then all day move back to highs, more it pops at the open better the fade on it

Notable Calls:

$RDFN Earnings Miss (20.04)

$CVNA Earnings Beat slight (71.65)