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1) $ARCI Today POP and DROP Stock recycling Biz rehash news from 6/2018 (4.52)
Stock Gapping up +$2 this is nothing more then a pop and fade would look to short anything around $6 add on pops and simply look for a gap fill to $4.75 and under.

2) $TCS In-line guidance nothing to see here on Earnings (8.52)
Stock Gapping up +$1.5 nothing more then a gap and fill to $8.75 and under more it pulls better the range long slow move to the upside If this pops at open again towards $9.50-$10 would lean into it short for all day fader on it

3) $AMAT Susquehanna out with HUGE PT Increase from $34 to $60 WOW (40.01)
Stock Gapping up +$1 would actually be buying here at $40.75 room to add at the open would love to see ths bottom out and curl and head towards $42-$42 on it today. Would be buying the 45 weekly calls out this stock has room so use today and take advanatge of the market pulling it down

4) $AEIS Susquehanna out with a HUGE PT increase frome $45 to $82 WOW (48.53)
Stock Gapping up none should open with a 1-2 point pop then look for full gap fill start taking lONG at $48 add on dips to $47 don’t be scare I like this to head towards $52-$54 in the next coming days. Would be buying 55 weekly calls on this

5) $PRGO Gaping down on NO news I can find (49.70)
Stock Gapping down -$1.30 would nibble a few long here at $48.50 room to add at the open look for this to bottom curl then slow move back to $49.25+ more it pulls better the range for us to the upside

6) $TLRY Earnings Not impressive at all to me (48.74) IMO this should head to $45 and under
Stock Gapping up +$3 now sitting +$1 let it push at the open towards $51 again of it does should top it off watch for the lower lows to set in and look for a nice fader on it most of the day.

7) $PLCE Mixed Earnings not impressive (112.11)
Stock Gapping down -$7 I like to see a little more sell off to $101-$103 area at the open if not a tad more then look to bounce it back 4-5 points to the upside, this is a lot like $RL yesterday mixed numbers but it still sold off then bounced if you take here at $104 LONG have room to add at the open KEEP IN MIND THIS WAS $120 IN PRE-MARKET SO STOCK HAS ROOM TO THE UPSIDE

8) $NVDA Market gaping down with Market down (162.04)
Stock Gapping down -$2 would love to see sell off at the open to $157-$158 or under then bottom curl it then look to go long back to $160-$161 more it pulls at the open better the range to the upside. If you BUY now here at $160 have room to add to get that 1-1.5 point gap fill move, imo this should pull nice at the open then we nail it to the long side for nice points

9) $ANET Market gaping down 1 of my favorite to play (248.88)
Stock Gapping none love to see sell off at the open towards $242-$244 at the open if it comes then look for nice range play gap fill back to $247-$249+ then top it off and fade it it again, if this at all pops at the open towards $250-$252 scale in short and fade it with the market

10) $BA More headlines negative Plus market down. Love to see this dump to $335 (342.04)
Stock Gapping down _4 would nibble some LONG at $340 and under let it pop through $341.50-$342+ then look to short the stock back to lows, like to see this hit $335 and under today and bounce it

Notable Calls:

$VFC Gaping down -$1.30 on NO news, caught u/g yesterday from UBS (90.35) like to see small pull at the open like to see $87-$88 then look for bottom curl on it then slow move back to $90+ if you buy now here at $89 give it room to add at the open then pop it back to $90+

$ABMD Gaping None like yesterday (256.69) No MM’s on this yet but with the gap down in the market look for a sell off to $250-$252 at the open then bottom curl it then 3-5 point move back to the upside for easy money with 100-200 shares.

$TTD Market gaping down (185.26) slight down was up +$5 this morning, Has range today would love a nice pull at the open towards $180-$182 spot or under then look for this to have a nice 4-6 point bounce on it then look for a nice all day fader if the market holds down today