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1) $OTLK Oppenheimer out with a $12 PT on this $1 stock WOW!! (.91)
Stock Gapping up +.30 would nibble some LONG here at $1.20 room to add to $1 at the open like to see this run to $2-$2.50 in the coming days. Should be fun today, SWING trade it would be nice

2) $IOVA updating from ongoing trials with advanced cervical “cancer” (11.23)
Stock Gapping up +$3 like to see this run towards $16-$17 to fill some gap back in September of last year, more it pops at the open this will fade back down, remember there is no FDA approval this is simply up on an update from the company itself this WILL fade back down towards $12.50-$13

3) ********$PLYM #OFFERING only 3 million at $17.50 (19.24)
Stock Gapping down -$2 you can nibble starter LONG here at $17.47 I want room to add to $17 and under at the open I like .50 cents under the pricing hence the $17 area then long it for nice 1-1.5 points to the upside this should fill quick

4) *******$VRTU Earnings miss guides 35-40% lower (54.20)
Stock Gapping down -$15 would nibble small LONG $40 room to $37-$38 at the open like to see this rebound back to $42-$44+ area on short covering then grind out, more this pulls at the open better the range for us. If you take now LONG at $40 “Small” size to get your feet wet, this could hit $35 but not quite sure, if this pops short covers through $44+ top it off and short it all day

5) $AGIO announce 1 of their drugs met Primary endpoint on Phase 3 (47.35)
Stock Gapping up +$7 like to see a little more pop on it towards $56-$58 then top it off and fade it back down 3-5 points, if this start to sell off and breaks $52 at the open should sell off to $50 and under then bottom curl it

6) $DDS Earnings Miss (63.39) Flat comparable sales, gross margins declined (63.39)
Stock Gapping down -$5 I would like to see this sell off this morning towards $55 and under for a nice short, if this at all pops at open towards $60-$61 top it off and all day fader to lows, if this yanks hard at open towards $55 and under bounce it 3-4 points then look to short it again let this one set up for us at the open I personally hope it pops and we short it

7) $MRTX +16% after AMGEN shows promising Data (63.50)
Stock Gapping up +$10 imo this is nothing more then a pop and fade back to $65 and under, any pop at the open towards $73-$75 again watch for topping then all day fader, if this pulls hard at open on profit taking to $65 and under go LONG on it back slowly back to pre-market highs

8) $WIX Earnings Mixed but mostly in line (142.09)
Stock Gapping down -$11 if this pops at the open to $132-$133 get in long and catch 3-5 points on it back to $137-$138+ top it off then short it for the rest of the day, if this yanks at open hard to $126-$128 bottom curl it go LONG on the short covering, should be fun once bottom sets in. The open is the key if it slightly pushes and pops we can nail it long for quick money

9) $NICE Slight beat In-Line guidance Nothing special imo (133.19)
Stock Gapping up +$7 would nibble some short at $140 area room to $142 on any pop out of the gate look for this to gap fill back down to $135 and under on profit taking, higher it pops more range for us to the downside

10) ******$NTES Mixed Earnings actually slight miss on revenue (262.04)
Stock Gapping up +$13 would nibble small SHORT here at $274 area room to $278+ pop at the open then look for a nice 7-9 point fade on it on profit taking gap fill, I like the short side of this today and filling the gap, higher it pops better the range to the downside more money for us.

Notable Calls:

$BYND Gaping up (86.92) Gaping up +$3 like to see small pop then pull at the open towards $84-$85 and lets see if we get rip city on it towards $95-$100 on a nice squeeze. More it pulls at the open better the range for the pop for major points, I like the fact its gaping +$3 already

$MHK Upgrade to BUY from Hold from Stifel to $180PT (135.97) NO MM’s on this, this should open around $142+ then watch for the gap fill pullback on it to $136.50 and under bottom curl it then look to go long on it for a nice slow all day move back to highs, higher this pops at open better the range on the short side of it. If this simply gap fills to $136.50 and under gCopyright © 2019 by AwesomeCalls LLC


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