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1) $AGLE BMO is putting a $21 PT on this stock this morning (10.09) SWING IDEA
Stock Gapping up +$1 with NO MM’s on it yet, looking for this to pop at open maybe we get thru $12 on it then look for a nice gap fill back to $10.25 and under ( I will be eyeing to short this back down) then look for a nice slow all day mover to the upside, would like to see this touch $13-$14 in few days on this upgrade

2) $TLGT received FDA approval of Companys abbreviated New Drug (3.27)
Stock Gapping up +.99 cents this morning as normal this should be nothing more then a pop and all day fader back to lows or at least to $3.30 and under, if sheep chase this, let them pop at the open maybe thru $4.25+ cause in the end I think it just comes right back down

3) $MPAA NOT to impressive numbers (20.66)
Stock Gapping down -$1.66 I would nibble some LONG at $19 level with room to add at the open, this pops and gap fills at the open thru $20 then you can get in there and short it, the higher it pops at open the better the all day fader, doubt it will pull at open but if it does go LONG off $17-$18 and bounce it. Should be fun either way

4) $TLRD Earnings Miss (28.49)
Stock Gapping down -$6 I like to see a move thru $30+ at the open on some short covering then watch for topping then potential all day fader on it back to lows, if this PULLS at open to $26-$27 area I would consider going long on it for quick money on the short covering bounce

5) $PVTL Continues to climb some CITI notes out this morning from Yigal (28.20)
Stock Gapping up +1.70 I like to see a little more pop at the open maybe we get room to $30.50-$31 then I will be looking to gap fill this back down to $28.50 and under then bottom curl on it then look to go long for an all day slow move back to highs.

6) $ETSY Earnings Beat shorts caught off guard (32.99) 
Stock Gapping up +$7 great beat, However I think this is up a tad high even for $ETSY so will take a starter short at $39.24 with room to add at the open towards $40-$41 and look for some nice profit taking back down to $35 level and under, if this pulls at open I will simply cover and move on, I like the beat and every thing else on it, but just think its up a little too much here imo

7) $TAL MuddyWaters SHORT really nice write up on this from Carson Block yesterday (41.11)
Stock Gapping down -$1.11 I would love to see a nice pull back on it towards $39 at the open if it comes followed by a short covering bounce on it 1-2 points then look for an all day fader on it, if this pops at then open towards $42 watch for topping then scale in some short on it. Let it set up for the all day fader if it pops which it may to short cover this gap down

8) $TTD Susquehanna out this with a $105.00 PT on this from $81 (90.06)
Stock Gapping up +$2 on this I would take a few short here at $92 with room to add at the open then look for a nice gap fill pullback on it to $90.50 and under then look for a nice all day slow move to the upside on it. Should be fun once the gap fills

9) $GRUB Oppenheimer out with a $130 PT from $100 on this (115.98)
Stock Gapping up +3 I would like to see a small pop at open maybe to $120 I would take a few short here at $118 with room to add I think this will definitely gap fill back to $116 and under then look to go long on it for a slow all day move to the upside, let this set up for us.

10) $NFLX Continuation from Yesterday on its way to $400 (379.93)
Stock Gapping up +$5 I would nibble some short here at $384.90 with room to add on the pop at open then look for a nice 3-5 point gap fill pullback on it then look for the bottom curl then look to go long on it as it heads slowly to $399-$400 possibly today on the stock

Notable Calls:

$MYL Overblown imo and few analyst being down on old news (41.67) Gapping down -1.5 MYL tends to gap fill when its down so look to BUY a few at $40 this should pop at open then look for a nice gap fill top it off then it will grind out imo, if this pulls at all at the open it will be a surprise to me but if it does $40 and below would go long

$SAGE Collaboration to commercialize SAGE 217 (169.00) gapping up +5 would scale in short at $174 area room to $176 look for this to pull at the open and then look to cover it . Should be fun for at least $5 points or more


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