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1) $TXMD JPM out with a rare BUY rating on this with a $11 PT (6.88) took a few LONG at $7.19 will add on dips to $6.85
Stock Gapping up +.30 cents, doesn’t seem much of a risk on this stock, think once it gets going we see $8-$8.50 on it.

2) $CLPS Recent IPO getting a huge run on nothing (6.10)
Stock Gapping up +$3 stock has room to fly maybe get thru $11-$12 at the open then watch for a mean pullback on it on profit taking then look for a small bottom curl on it then look to go long on it again. Should be fun.

3) $IQ Perfect day for profit taking on this 3-5 day mother move (40.51)
Stock Gapping up +$2.10 would short this gap up like $HUYA and take it down to $40 and under, take a few long and pop it at the open for quick money, BUT be cautious, I think the pop will be short term and this may sell off today with the marker being down over 200 points so be cautious on the long side

4) $HUYA Think this bad boy gets sold off on the gap up (44.04)
Stock Gapping up +$2.70 would definitely short this gap up and take down to $42.50-$43 area and then take a few long and bounce it back to highs, I think in the end this should sell off some before another leg up, last 3-5 days this has been a monster

Stock Gapping up +14 believe it or not, I think this could get to $65+ at the open on a HUGE short squeeze just be careful on the short side of this, if this small pops and fades below $56-$57 let it come down to $52-$53 area watch for curl then go long on it. Bottom line YOU must be careful on this name today. This is going to be tricky

6) $OLED APPLE out according to WSJ that will sell MORE LCD screens than expensive OLED models (98.60)
Stock Gapping down -$3 2 ways to play this, this pops at open towards $97.50-$98 scale in some short all day fader on it, if this pulls at open hard to $90 and under play the bounce on it. This should be fun

7) *********$SPLK Citi out with SELL rating and $98 PT OUCH!!! (119.50) Perfect day for this kind of call with Market gapping down
Stock Gapping down -$5 nibble a few short BUT give it room to fill the gap higher it pops better the short for us, if this Yanks at $110 at the open, I will cover this and be down with it. Either way this should get hurt today on it.

8) $LRCX Gapping down on the sector today (181.17)
Stock Gapping down -$3 would take a few LONG and see if we can gap fill it back to $180-$181 then slow all day fader on it, if this pulls at open to $175 and under bottom curl on it then look to go long on it.

9) $BLUE Nice Positive Data on it again today (197.00) reminds me of $SAGE yesterday
Stock Gapping up +9 would gap fill this back down to $197 and under, if this pulls at open to $189 area look for a solid 5-10 point bounce on it off the bottom, I will be playing this for sure. Fill the gap first then we can attack it

10) $ADBE Good quarter, tons of defenses to BUY the weakness and upgraded PT a ton, but slight miss on the growth (258.10)
Stock Gapping down -$9 2 ways to play this, this pops at open towards $253-$255 then slow fader all day on it. If this pulls and yanks at open $240-$245 is the level I would consider buying on. Should be fun

Notable Calls:

$IPO $AVLR PRICED 7.5 million (Low Floater) at $24 a share on the high side. I like the IPO look for $29 and under on it to go long over $32++ I will pass on it.

$ACHV 12 million offering plus some Warrants (5.20) Gapping down -1.80 taking some long down here in the $3.60 area will add on dips think the offering is small and looking for short covering on it maybe to $4.25-$4.50 for quick covers on it for quick money

$HJLI keep an eye on this maybe take a few down here at $4.80 risk .30-40 cents this could run quick to $5.50-$6 like CLPS today was up huge in Pre-Market


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