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1) $VSTM Presents Data =short in AC demonstrates robust clinical activity (6.53)
Stock Gapping up +$1 this is nothing more then a pop and drop so let the sheep chase it then look to go short once the lower lows set in and take this right back to $6.50 and under. IMO

2) $CBIO Update on Phase 1/2 was negative but feel company can fix and address the issues on it (25.25)
Stock Gapping down -55% *****RISKY TRADE****** took a few long at $12.95 added at $11.74 this could drop all the way to $10 But I won’t allow myself to get shaken out unless this hits $9 and trades flat. I do feel we have some room here to $14+ once shorts come into cover this. Being down -55% on a Phase 1/2 is pretty hard, think the message has been sent, but I want to try

3) $OBSV Positive Top Line results Phase ***2B Clinical Trial (14.55)
Stock Gapping up +5 would love to see this pop a little more at the open maybe we get $21-$22 on it then look for this to sell off some back down to $16.50 and under, if this pulls at the open to that area then watch for bottom curl on it then look to go long, this is a clinical study but its Phase 2B so be careful before sizing in short, let it set up

4) $SLDB FDA REMOVED Clinical Hold!!!!!!! BIG NEWS for the company (26.50)
Stock Gapping up +2.30 would nibble some long here at $28.90 area room to add at the open stock hit $32+ I think this can get going to the highs side so let it set up and watch for the pop on it

5) $IQ Another day another play on it imo (40.16)
Stock Gapping down -$1.5 I would consider taking a few long below $39 let it flush at open possibly we see $37 on it then look for another pop on it then look to fade it hard. I think $IQ has had a huge run and I think its time to allow it to sell off like $ROKU did after it peaked, so wait for any huge pop if it comes, but if the lower lows set in then expect a nice slow fader on it all day

6) $HUYA Another day to play with it imo (46.20) remember this hit $50 on Friday 
Stock Gapping down -$2 would nibble some LONG here at $44.50 area give it some room at the open in case it pulls but in the end I think this will fly back thru $46-$47 on it, so let it set up. Friday it pulled -2+ at the open then ripped so watch for it

7) $AVLR Friday’s amazing IPO (44.94)
Stock Gapping up +$1 would nibble a few long at $45.50 with room to add think we pop 2-3 points or more, if this pulls at open to me this would look like a buying opportunity so just wait for the bottom curl then go long. Think this has room to $49-$50 today if it gets going

8) $JD BIG NEWS Google buys 550 million in investment with the Company (43.59) I’m shocked this is not at $50 yet?
Stock Gapping up only 2 points now was up to $47 BOUGHT some here at $45.69 will give it room, JD tends to profit taking hence the sell off from $47 but this is significant news, and I am will to add if this pulls back some at the open but if I get a quick .50 to $1.00 then I’m done with it.

9) $PTCT Positive Prelim Data in SMA study Upgrades I’m seeing so far to $48 on it (37.55)
Stock Gapping up +$15 would take a few small short at $52 area with room to add at the open look for this to gap fill I like to see $42-$44 on it, so lets see if it slowly fades down. If this yanks at the open then simply cover watch for bottom curl on it then look to go long. I like the news, BUT think this is up way too much let it calm down

10) $DIS Pivitol out with sell rating on $DIS but keeps same $93 PT on it (108.85)
Stock Gapping down -$1.80 I like to see this pulls down at the open maybe get $105 and under on it then look for this to slowly pop back to $107-$108 then look for fade it, If this pops at open hard to $108-$109 scale in short and look for a nice all day mover to the downside on it.


Notable Calls:

$RDFN Goldman Sachs out with a sell rating and $21 PT (24.03) Gapping down -2 I would prefer a pop at open being Goldman back to $23.50-$24 area then begin scaling in short for an all day fader on it. If this pulls at open hard to $21 just go long and bounce it back all the way up to $23.50-$24. Remember sell ratings on Goldman get popped right back to previous day close

$EVFM Oppenheimer out with a $9 BUY rating on this stock today. Sitting on the bid at $3.31 right now with 1k shares no fills yet, not much risk down here if I can get filled. Looking for .50-$1.00 on this call on the pop at open (3.29)


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