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1) $GBR Playing off the PED trade (1.42)
Stock Gapping up +$2 stock has room to pop at the open towards $4 spot then look to gap fill pullback possibly to $2.50 and under then look for bottom curl on it then look to go long. Should be fun today

2) $BBBY Another Earnings Miss………….Another great call into Earnings last night when I said DO NOT GO LONG they will miss (20.18)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I would nibble a few long at $18.75 level with room to add on it to $17.50 then look for a nice slow all day fader, if this at all gap fills at the open SHORT it for an all day fader on it!!!!

3) $MRVL China regs approved previously announced CAVM merger (20.12)
Stock Gapping up +$1.50 would let it pop at then open towards $22-$23 area then look to fade this and fill the gap. I don’t think this will hold so give it room

4) $GBT Few more upgrades this morning including Nomura raises to $109 PT (44.75)
Stock Gapping up +$1 would consider playing this long a few at $45 level and under think this could have room to pop back towards $49-$50 level today, so will watch the pullback on it if it comes, if we get anything in the $40-$41 range I’m a BUYER!

5) $BA Down on market pulling (329.82)
Stock Gapping small down, I like this pullback from yesterday I took a few long at $330 thinking this will pull a little more and will add on the dips think it rebounds 4-5 and investors pick this up on weakness going to let it breathe some

6) $WBA Slight Earnings miss + the $AMZN news as well causing the stock to come down some (66.26)
Stock Gapping down -$6.80 would nibble a few long at $59.70 room to $58 at the open then look for this to short cover to $62-$63 area they also issued a Buyback on the stock during earnings call so consider buying the weakness

7) $CVS AMZN signs deal with Pill Pack (70.05) Typically Investors will by the weakness on massive pullbacks (70.05)
Stock Gapping -$6.50 would nibble a few LONG at $64 level or under add on dips and look for this to retrace at least 1/2 way back 2-4 points then slow fader. I took a starter myself at $64.40 so lets see what happens.

8) $ICPT Raymond James out with a strong buy and a $122 PT WOW! (78.78)
Stock Gapping up +6 thin, I like to short this pop at the open gap fill it back to $80 and under bottom curl then go long back to highs. I’m personally trying to get a $84 starter short but nothing filled yet, would love a solid pop at open then look to pull it down 2-3 points then cover it

9) $ALV Gapping down don’t see any significant new on the stock (145.64)
Stock Gapping down -$4 would take a few long at $141 level let it pop back at open and short cover to $144+ then look to possibly fade it back down to lows

10) $CMG issues lower guidance but Piper and others remain BUYER on the weakness (457.24)
Stock Gapping down -$27 would nibble some long down here at $431 level in can stock has room to $425 at the open think this bounces towards $440+ on short covering before fading down for the day

Notable Calls:

$BLUE (153.65) Overnighted some at $154 average will add on dips at the open however if stock ramps up to $158-$160 at the open I will out of it for quick nice money overnight

$AYX Citi out today with a $57 PT and BUY rating (34.44) would play this again at the $35 and under level on a swing idea, remember last week Oppenheimer had this at $48 PT

$ZSAN BTIG upgrade to $19 a share. Overnighted some at $4.20 area will on any pullback at the open. Lets see if we can get this to $5-5.50 or possibly $6 today. (3.90)


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