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1) $DERM receives FDA approval Qbrexsa (8.80) imo this is nothing more than a pure SHORT back to $9.50 and under
Stock Gapping up +3 I would take some short at $11 spot and on any pops and short this to $9.50 and under and go back to bed and enjoy the rest of your day!

2) $ACAD FDA approval on Capsule (15.07)
Stock Gapping up +1.93 would consider taking a few short at $17 let it gap fill to $15.50 or under then watch for bottom curl on it then look to go long, if this pops again and hits $18+ watch for topping on it then look to short it

3) $KBH Earnings Beat (25.38) Told you all last night to they would beat
Stock Gapping up +$2 look for small pop at the open then look for a nice gap fill pullback to $26.25 and under then look for bottom curl then look to go long on it. Should be fun, more it pops better the short for us

4) $HUYA Signs strategic deal with TCHEY (32.68)
Stock Gapping up +$2.5 would let it pop at open followed by a decent pullback maybe we get $33.50 on it and then look for bottom curl on it then look for a nice all day slow move to the upside. Should be fun ll day on it. This really could move

5) $XLRN Earnings Beat (33.98)
Stock Gapping up +$10 I like the beat would take a few short here at $43 area room to $45 at the open think thinks this comes back to $35-$36 area then bottom curls on it then look to go long. Higher it pops at the open better the play for all of us on the short side.

6) $NKE Great numbers even more blow out numbers on guidance really nice win for NKE (71.70)
Stock Gapping up 8 points I like to see this rush out of the gate thru $80+ then take a few short and at least get a 2-3 point pullback on it, I’m in a little early at $79 but I think if I add on the pop I’ll get what I see, be careful trying to short this, use lighter size but lets see how it opens.

7) ******$ARGX Nomura out this morning with a $161 PT…..$161 PT WOWZA!!! (83.97) Long a few at $85.24
Stock Gapping up +1.30 took a starter will add on dips then look for a nice slow day runner to $90+ on this, would consider buying 90-95 weekly calls and possible July 100’s this is doubler and Nomura sees or knows something, either way I’m going to play it today

8) $VRTX Gapping up on the GLPG News (147.59)
Stock Gapping up +$15 would take a few short at $162 level room to add at the open think this sells off back to $152 and under. I like the gap up and in the end I think we need to fill some of it before legging up on us watch for multiple upgrades to possibly come out, already seeing JPM notes positive this morning

9) $BA Canaccord raises to $375 and #CITI raises to $410 this morning (334.65)
Stock Gapping up +3.5 took a started long at $338 room to add at the open, although I do not like buying such gap ups I cannot ignore the Citi call so I will be looking at the big picture here and see if we get a nice move to $340-$342+ today

Notable Calls:

**$GLPG misses some on top line results helping $VRTX move forward (95.81) Gapping down 5 points this hit $77 yesterday I will be looking for this to pop at open then look for a nice slow all day fader on it. I am short at $90 with room to $93+ at the open if it comes to add. I like to see this get hurt today

$PBYI Positive opinion for product NERLYNX (56.35) gapping up +$2 would like to see small pop at the open maybe thru $59+ then look for a quick gap fill pullback to $57 and under, if this simply pulls at open to same area would take a few long and enjoy a nice slow ride to pre-market highs

$BABA pulling down on PR think this will be bought up back to $188+ (188.51) gapping down -$6 points. LONG at $183.58.36) stock should rebound nicely. Stay focused it will fill the gap!


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