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1) $AXON Huge PR News on this former runner with a HUGE Gap to fill. (1.75) Long at $2.61 sold at $3.68
Stock Gapping up up +100% like to see this pop thru $4-$4.50 watch the pullback and watch the BUYERS come in with size this should have a greay day in it all day. Its all about the volume on this.

2) $HUYA Impressive Earnings (29.72)
Stock Gapping up +$3 let this sell off to $30 area if we can get it then nibble some long for an all day slow move back to $32-$33, if this yanks at the open below $30 grab a few should rebound

3) $YELP Multiple Downgrades including KeyBanc (44.11)
Stock Gapping down -$2 let this pop at open thru $43-$43.75 area then look to fade it back all day back to lows, if this dumps at the open to $40 area and under go long and bounce it

4) $AMBA Earnings miss Multiple downgrades (49.39) Took some long at $43.60 sold at $44.68
Stock Gapping down-$6 Think this is a little overdone looking for a gap fill back to $45-$46 then top it off then all day fader on it, I’m done with it but think it still has some room on it, if this pulls at open to $42 and under look to go long on it

5) $SIG Mixed Earnings (44.15)
Stock Gapping up +$4 would like to see small pop at open towards $50 spot or more then look for the gap fill pullback on it after the CCall going on back to $46 and under on profit taking, if this dumps at open look for that $46 area on it then look to go long

6) $FSLR Multiple Downgrades $48PT from JMP Securities from $87 JPM is $78 (58.24)
Stock Gapping down -$1 would consider taking a few short on this stock and look for a nice add at the open and look for this to fade to $55 and under on this today. Should be fun after initial pop at the open

7) $DAL issues horrible Guidance (54.67)
Stock Gapping up +.20 would scale in short at $54.50 look for a pull at the open 1-2 points then look to bounce it off the bottom

8) $YY Earnings were Mixed……….But I told you all this was already built in before the earnings last 10 days (121.00)
Stock Gapping down -$7 points, would like to see this pop a little at the open towards $116-$118 then possible fade on it, If this pulls at the open look for $110 area for a decent bounce on it for 3-5 points should be fun

9) ***********$SAGE Landenburg out HUGE with $230PT (154.09) Took some LONG at $157 will add on dips
Stock Gapping up +6 I like to see this quick push out of the gate then gap fill back to $155-$156 then scale in long and look for this to have a nice play on it today.

10) $TSLA Great speech yesterday Positive Shareholder meeting also Baird out with $411 PT (291.13)
Stock Gapping up +$14 I like news, at this point I need to fill some gap first on it to $294-$295 at the open if it comes then nibble some long and look for a nice move back over $300+ today on this.

Notable Calls:

$MYOK anything under $46.50-$47 I am a BUYER!!!

$CI Goldman Sachs out this morning with a $212 from $193 (170.83) Gapping up +$4 Traders look for small pop at the open then look for a nice gap fill pullback to $172 and under then look to go long on it

$GWRE Multiple upgrades all around $100+ even with JPM on there #earnings (93.92) Gapping down, although they had ok earnings I think this will end up small pop and fade, only because of the upgrade to only $100 I think investors will cash out today so watch for the pullback on it.