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1) $IMMU FBR out with a HUGE PT increase to $53 (25.23) SWING IDEA could see $30-$32 in 3-5 days
Stock Gapping up +$1 I like to see this pop a little at the open maybe get thru $27 then fade it back down and gap fill it then look to go long, I took a starter myself at $26.14 will add all the way down if it pulls and gap fills then slow move back to highs, Nice range and nice SWING idea

2) $AXON Simply beautifully called overnight at $4 with no #Offering (4.55)
Stock Gapping up +$1.50 look for this to pop at the open towards $6.20 maybe even $6.50 on a squeeze then look for a nice sell off on it to $4.70-$4.75 area and under, higher it goes more the pull on it, imo if this sells off just wait for it to bottom out on it

3) $MESO HC Wain out with a $17PT (5.62)
Stock Gapping up +.53 to $6.15 want the standard pop at the open towards $6.50 maybe even $7 then short it like normal gap fill it back down to $5.70 and under then if it bottoms curls with volume go long again

4) $CONN Earnings Beat (25.65)
Stock Gapping up +$7 I like to scale in a few short here at $33 level room to $35 to add at the open I think being up +$10 is a little much here, so look for a nice play on it to gap fill to $27-$28 level then bottom curl then go long on it

5) $OKTA JPM out with a $63PT from $50 (54.14)
Stock Gapping up +$4 scale in short at $58 room to $60 at the open add into it then look for an nice gap fill to $55 and a tad under then look to go long on it for an all day slow move to the upside

6) $ZS Earnings Beat multiple upgrades everywhere PT from $35-$40 (30.65)
Stock Gapping up +5.20 I like to see scale in a few short here at $35.50 with room to add at the open towards $37 then watch for topping then look to gap fill this back down to $32 area or under on profit taking, I’m anticipating a little more push at the open if it comes then back nail the short and take it down

7) $UNFI Earnings Miss (46.18)
Stock Gapping down -$3 I like to see small pull at the open towards $42 spot and under then look to go long on it back to $44-$45 then top it off and all day fader, if this simply pops at the open to same area and fills some of the gap go short and fade it slow all day

8) $FSLR Goldman out this morning hard cutting PT to $48 hence the gap down on it (55.53)
Stock Gapping down -$2 I like to see a small pop at the open some gap fill maybe even to $54.50-$55 area then look for another all day fader on this, if this pulls hard at the open $50 and below (which it may) go long on it and bounce it for a few points

9) $FIVE HUGE Earnings Beat Raises guidance (81.28) Congratulations to all those who bought and held into earnings
Stock Gapping up +$16 whenever you get something like this, these stocks tend to squeeze pretty hard shorts out which causes what your seeing now, I do like the short idea at $97 BUT also note this should have room to $100 then top it off and see if this comes back down to $87 and under. Lets see how it plays out

10) $AGN Per Bloomberg Ichan consider taking a small stake in the company (155.38)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like to see a little more pop on this idea this morning would be great if we get thru $160+ then scale in SHORT and gap fill this right back to $155.50 or under, whenever rumor of Ichan taking a stake in something it normally just sells off and gap fills

Notable Calls:

$MYOK anything under $46.50 and under I am a BUYER!!! Just alert me when it pulls

$DQ $39 and below I am a BUYER 3 times this hits $39.20 level and all 3 times this bounce thru $40.20+ so today I think we get another pull on it so I will be eyeing the $38 level and lower on it and simply scalp play the trade

$LRCX Gapping down -$7 (199.61) I like it here some nibble long at $192 room to $190 at the open looking for this to rebound back to $195-$197 at the open, not sure why its even down

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