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1) $EDAP Announce Clearance for Focul One (2.21)
Stock Gapping up +$1.5 would like to see this small pop thru $4-$4.50 if it comes then top it off watch for the lower lows to set in then look to fade this news, should be a nice set up for all of us

2) $SFIX Great Earnings and nice guidance (19.67)
Stock Gapping up +2.5 think this gap fills to $20 area then grab a few long on it then look for a slow mover to $22 on it today

3) $ZUMZ Earnings Beat (27.00)
Stock Gapping up +$5 I like to see small pop at open maybe $32-$33+ on it then scale in some short and look for a decent 2-3 point gap fill pullback to $29 area, once lower lows set in this should do well imo then bottom curl the go long on it

4) $CRUS APPL stating that they will cut 20% off suppliers for next year (38.57)
Stock Gapping down -.60 I like this to pull at the open towards $35 area then look for a nice bounce off that, if this at all gap fills back to $38+ I would scale in short and expect and all day fader. This stock should get hurt on this news

5) $DOCU Blow out numbers raises guidance (55.99) Note JPM and Citi both out with $70PT
Stock Gapping up +2.05 stock hit $61+ this morning I like tthe weakness down here in the $57 area with room to add on any pullback normally if the market was green this would shoot out of the gate quickly for fast money, but instead this just sold off all morning allowing us to take advantage of the weakness I scored a point already and will by on the wekaness if it pulls hard at the open towards $56.50

6) $EXAS commencing 150 million offering of its 1% convertible notes due in 2025 (63.20)
Stock Gapping down -$3 I like the weakness here at $60.50 with room to add at the open then look for a nice slow gap fill back to $62+ I’m only looking for a .50-$1 on this one, but if more comes at the open I will take it, if this yanks at the open chances are this will just go back up for a slow gap fill

7) $FSLR I think we get 1 more day in this to the downside (53.28)
Stock Gapping down a little think we get a pop here maybe lucky to $54+ then scale in short and maybe just maybe today we sink it back down I really want $50 on this but it must break $52.50 to keep going imo lets see how it sets up today

8) $LITE CFO being replaced, However Needham out with $80 PT and Reiterated to load up on this stock (61.10)
Stock Gapping down -1.75 cents took a starter at $59.50 with room to add at the open think this gap fills back to $61+ then I will seel it and be done with it, for me I just wanted to get my feet wet, because of Needham saying the stock shouldn’t be down on this

9) $OLED $AAPL saying cutting 20% of if its suppliers for next year (98.25)
Stock Gapping down -2 this should get hurt on this news I like to see this pull a little more if we can get $92-$93 on it then maybe we get a clean 2-4 point bounce then all day fader on it, if this pops at open and fills the gap scale in short and fade it for a nice all dayer imo

10) $DXCM JPM out strong this morning fron Neutral to Overweight with $115PT from $80 (89.49)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to see a little more pop at the open towards $93-$94 then I will get in there and short it and fill the gap back down to $90.50 and under then look to go long for an all day slow move to the upside, I like the range and the gap up on this

Notable Calls:

$MYOK anything under $46.50 and under I am a BUYER!!! Just alert me when it pulls

$DQ Let me know if this touches $39 area and under I will be all over this one if it does and get it back to $41-$42 it always bounces on the pullback around this area for easy paycheck

$AVGO Earnings Mixed (264.68) Stock gapping down -6 would like to see small pull at the open then look for a nice little gap fill back to $260-$262 area then be done with it, harder it pulls at the open better the play for all of us on the bounce


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