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1) $CNTF selling subsidiary to Charm Faith (1.83)
Stock Gapping up +3 I like to see small pop at the open followed by a nice gap fill slow fade to $2.50 and under. imo this is nothing more then just a pop an fade.

2) $GLMD This is NUTS Cantor Tier3 firm out with $59 PT on this $10 stock (10.55) most likely going to pop and raise AH’s
Stock Gapping up +$2 I’m crazy but I took a few at $12.70 area I will give it room to pull at the open to $11 and under then add on it, I do think this will run some at the open and maybe we see $15+ on it today. IMO Cantor is known to screw with stocks like this and put out stupid PT only to pop and do an ATM right after so DO NOT MARRY this stock just play the action

3) $NTRA Prices 4.5 Million at $20 (20.58) This shot up to $22.89 I shorted it already for over 1.10 points
Stock Gapping up +.60 I like to see another ridiculous pop at open towards $22 on this, then look for a nice slow fade back down, if this pulls at open to $20.50 area go LONG and bounce it for 1-2 points

4) $HUYA Another day another Play for us (36.47)
Stock Gapping up +$1.50 I like to see a little more pop at the open towards $38.50-$39 if it comes and scale in SHORT and gap fill it back down to $36.75-$37 and under, if you want to start now at $38 you can but give it room to pop then nail the short

5) $IQ Follows HUYA (31.64)
Stock Gapping up +$.80 I like to see more of a pop at the open towards $32.50-$33 then look to scale in short on it back down to $32 and under watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it. This will be in play all day long

6) $PZZA CEO stepping down (48.33) Good for the stock I took a few short under $51 and will add towards $52+
Stock Gapping up +$3 like to see quick pop at open followed by a 1-2 point gap fill to $49.50 and under then bottom curl then all day slow move back to highs. Good news for the stock, but needs to gap fill some before setting up.

7) $LB SSS Off for the month of June (36.77)
Stock Gapping down -$2.50 I took some long this morning at $34.25 with room to add I think this short covers at the open some towards $35-$35.60 before fading back down, if this pulls at open to $33 I will add and play the bounce on it.

8) $ZGNX Positive Phase 3 results (46.30)
Stock Gapping up +$11 I like to see small squeeze at the open followed by a decent pull if this snaps $56 imo this should come all the way down to $50-$51 and under. So let it set up Higher it pops better the fade for all of us.

9) $GWPH Gapping down on No news (144.85)
Stock Gapping down -$4 I would nibble some LONG at $139.75 area then look for a nice 2 point plus bounce on it, I don’t see significant news why its down so I’m safe to gap fill this back up to $143+

10) $NFLX UBS downgrades to Neutral…………..zzzzzzzzzzzz (418.65) Meanwhile MS raises to $480
Stock Gapping own -$3 any pull at the open imo will be a buying opportunity I do not think this holds much value from UBS so lets see if it pulls and how much then let’s go LONG on it for 5-8 points.

Notable Calls:

$AVGO is buying $CA for cash (244.90) Gapping down -35 points sold some for -12 point hit then added some at $210 level. May have to swing this or hold current average now is 221.00 so need this to real pop at open if it drops to $205 may consider adding again. This is a very RISKY Trade, do NOT take it if you can’t stomach more downside. Finding bottom is tougher then I thought

$ZUMZ Same store sales down (23.60) This will pull right at the open so watch for it, Probably see $21 spot on it then bounce it back for 1-2 points to the upside. If this pops at open at all above $23 I would short this for an all day fader imo

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