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1) $ACHV Company announce Advancement of Cystisine Development Program (3.62)
Stock Gapping up +1.50 took a few long this morning has a small float of only 1.2 mil stock has volume and room to run, I like the PR and would love a $BLIN type play at the open. IMO I would love to see a rush thru $6-$6.25 area then sell some then watch bottom curl and volume, volume is the key and I like how its being held up this morning. Lets see how it plays out.

2) $MTSL Gapping up on Chats pushing this company on really no news just a chat pumps (2.73)
Stock Gapping up +$2 imo this is nothing more then a pop and SHORT and look to gap fill this quick back down to $3 and under, higher it pops at the open better the fade for us.

3) $SCYX Needham raises PT to $5 on this $1.65 stock (1.65)
Stock Gapping up +.25 took a few long at $1.89 room to add at the open then look for bottom curl on it then possible slow move to $2-$2.50 on the upgrade. If this pops at open let it rush thru $2+ sell some and lets see where it goes before slowing down, ONLY playing this for a .50 cent move or tad more nothing huge in this down market today

4) $IQ Down on China Tariffs (31.17)
Stock Gapping down -$1 I would love to see a nice pull at open to $29.50 and under then more it pulls better the bounce for us, Don’t be scared once these start to move up they rush for quick .50 to $1 moves DO NOT MARRY THESE STOCKS!!! Plays the action

5) $HUYA Down on China Tariffs (31.17)
Stock Gapping down -$1 I would love to see a nice pull at the open towards 30.50 and under then GO LONG and bounce it for a quick 1-2 points for fast money more it pulls better the play for us, don’t be afraid this and IQ love to pop after massive pulls

6) *******$CONN Stifle out strong with a NEW PT of $45 from $35 (35.90)
Stock Gapping up +$1.30 imo this will gap fill back to $36 and under real quick so short what you can then look for a nice bottom curl scale in LONG slow move back to $37.50-$38+

7) $FAST Earnings beat and raise guidance (49.53)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to see a small short squeeze at the open maybe we get to $55+ then look to scale in some short into the Ccall in 45 mins then look to go LONG as the call begins and let it pop again, when call is done look to fade it and gap fills some

8) *********$TRIP Barclays out with a HUGE PT increase from $49 to “$70” (57.59)
Stock Gapping up +$2 with market being down I would nibble a few short at $59 with room to $61 at the open then top it off and gap fill this back down to $58 and under then watch for bottom curl on it then look to go long on it

9) $TSLA Gapping down on Market down BofA out reiterating $180 PT LOL NEVER! (322.47)
Stock Gapping down -$7 I like the range on this, would take a nibble LONG at $315 area room to add on the pull at open to $310 if it comes go LONG and bounce it on short covering, if this simply starts to move up towards $320 at the open sell your LONG on the move and look to short it and fade it back down

10) $NFLX Market down Gapping down (415.63)
Stock Gapping down -$2 points I would consider letting this pull at the open thinking 5-7 points to the down side then look for this to make a little run back up 5-7 points, if this pops at open and gap fills I would consider shorting it for a nice sell off.

Notable Calls:

$HJLI “To conduct Analysis” STUPID STUPID STUPID = SHORT (3.49) ANY pop at the open is nothing more then an all day fader back to lows. Simple

$ABBV Phase 3 news out, weak on the news (98.84) gapping down -2 points I like to see this pull a little more at the open maybe below $94-$95 nibble a few long and look for a decent 1-3 point gap fill on this.

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