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1) $DDE combine with Twin River Worldwide (2.02)
Stock Gapping up $1.20 careful on the short, looks like it wants to trap if the stock breaks $3.20-$3.30 look for more to the upside, if this pulls at all below $2.90 consider it a short fader all the way back to $2.25 and under

2) $CLF JPM out with $15 PT and a few more (9.96)
Stock Gapping up +.30 took a few long at $10.35 sold some at $10.54 will wait for a gap fill pullback to $10.10 and under then look for a nice little long on it for .50+ or more

3) $KALA HC Wainwright out with a $35 PT (12.31)
Stock Gapping up +.20 cents would take a few LONG $12.50 NOW here add on dips and let this thing run to $14+ should be fun

4) $FTSV Oppenheimer $35 PT CS $24 PT Morgan Stanley $25 PT (15.80) LONG a few at $16.25 will add on dips
Stock Gapping up +.50 cents like to see a nice pop at open to possibly $16.50-$17 then eye the pullback down to $16 and under then look for an all day slow move to the upside. The Oppenheimer $35 PT is pretty impressive hoping we get an $18+ on it today we will see

5) $TLRY Told you I like the $28 Level on Friday today it gapped up to $33.90 for +5.90 PTS (29.77)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to see this small pop at open followed by a decent pullback to $30.50 and under then watch for bottom curl then take a few long, I think in the end we need to get this settled down first so the pullback will be the ideal situation for us. Buying here is tough being up +$3 points so just wait for the set up and let it show you it wants to push

6) $NTGN BofA $18 PT Oppenheimer $20 Morgan Stanley $23 (10.82) This stock
Stock Gapping none, should open quick above +$12 then look to gap fill it back to $11.20 and under bottom curl on it then look to go long for an all day slow move to the upside, I like the upgrades and the PT but will need to settle it down before going long with a decent position

7) $ROKU Needham out again with $60 PT now. OK I get it, you like the stock (49.77)
Stock Gapping up +1.50 took a few short early at $51.10 will add to $52.50+ at the open looking for a quick gap fill to $50 and under for quick money then look for bottom curl on it then go long, $ROKU tends to fill there gaps first before legging up

8) $PZZA I want this I want this I want this STIFEL out with a sell rating and $38 PT (51.59)
Stock Gapping down -2 OK I like this to pop at open and gap fill some thru $50+ then I will begin my SHORT, it’s hard for me to take below $50 without some sort of gap fill, However, if this pulls at open to $47 and under quick I am a BUYER and will gap fill this back up 2-3 points to the upside. This will be an all day fader.

9) $RETA announce positive results from 2 Phase 2 studies (46.40)
Stock Gapping up +4 like to see a little more pop at open maybe thru $51-$52 then gap fill pullback on profit taking back to $48 and under, remember this is not “Primary Endpoints Met” so I’m thinking more of a gap fill short back down, keep an eye on it, if you nibble some now here below $51 just nibble give it a little room to breathe

10) $HAS BLOW-OUT Numbers BLOW-OUT!!! (93.93)
Stock Gapping up +$12 I like to see a little more pop at the open maybe see $108 then scale in a few short just nibble then look for a 5 point pullback on it, or more, then look for bottom curl, Last time this did not fill the gap, this time I don’t expect too either but just enough to give us a few points

Notable Calls:

$TSLA said to have asked for partial refund on some items SOOOOOOOO (313.58) gapping down -$13 on this, Really, I think you all know what to do, Nibble some LONG at $300 add on dips and just gap fill this back 5-8 points at the open

$LITE (54.40) Gapping up +.60 on the Ask Positive articles this weekend on $LITE still holding quite a bit will add on dips looking for $56+ on this today, just being patient on it. If it dips at $53 again area I will add some.

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