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1) $MTSL another day another gap up (2.95)
Stock Gapping up +.30 this is all about Volume and set up so if this spikes at open thru $3.40+ look for a move possibly to $4 and then dump it and let it fade all day back to lows. In the end all I see is a pop and slow fader back to $3.10 and under

2) $VKTX SunTrust out with a $14 PT (10.31)
Stock Gapping up .20 I would take a few LONG here at $10.57 with room to add at the open think this upgrade will let the stock hit around $11.25 maybe even $11.50 but nothing more then that imo Play what you can get it will be small and quick

3) $GLMD Another upgrade this time Raymond James with a more realistic PT of $28 (15.02) LONG some at $15.65
Stock Gapping up +1.22 this hit $16.24 in Pre-Market I took a few at $15.65 BUT will let it gap fill if it does to $15 and under then add and then stay LONG, but if this pops at open towards $16-$16.50 for quick money I will be out for fast trade. Let’s see what happens

4) $SKX lowers guidance see PT from $35-$37-$40 BUT Wells Fargo tagged the worse at $24 (33.25) LONG some at $24
Stock Gapping down -$10 I played this yesterday and sold a few, this morning I picked some up at $24 and will add if this pulls to $23 and under, just looking for a quick short cover squeeze for quick money. Think this gets us a few points, but be patient with it let it shot itself to us.

5) $PTCT to acquire Agilis (36.55)
Stock Gapping up +3 to me imo ANY pop at the open I would consider shorting this slow fade back down to $37 and under, it’s nice they bought a company but until earnings or more PR on it, I would rather fade this news, so watch for small pop at open maybe we see $41+ then go short on it for a nice 3 point gap fill

6) $IQ PR after hours like to see this rebound a little at the open for quick money (32.65)
Stock Gapping up +.30 would nibble a few long here at 32.95 small and see if we get a quick pop or squeeze to $34 at the open then look for this to slowly fade more to $30 and under, IF this pulls to 30 and under I am a BUYER!!!!

7) $LITE Tariff’s dragging this down BUT JPM out raising the PT a few bucks higher to $80 (59.40) took a starter $56.50
Stock Gapping down -$4 I like to see this pop at open to $58+ then let it fade back down, if this yanks at open to $54-$55 I will add to my position and be patient with it. This is a little tricky but willing to give it a shot for quick money

8) $MAN Earnings miss (86.10)
Stock Gapping down -$6 I like to see shorts come in and cover to $85+ at the open then lean into it short and then fade it back to lows, if this pulls at the open hard to $78-$79 watch for bottom curl to set in then nail it for 3-4 points to the upside

9) $CE HUGE Beat seeing $138 PT so far (109.98) took a nibble long at $115 lets see what happens will add on dips
Stock Gapping up +5 like to see this pop at open maybe get $118+ then fade it and gap fill it back to $111-$112 and under then watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it for all day slow move to the upside.

10) $HON Earnings Beat (147.54)
Stock Gapping up +4 I like to see small pop at the open then let it fade and gap fill some into the upcoming conference call to $148.50 area then let the call begin and then take a few long for slow move back to highs

Notable Calls:

$SWK Earnings Beat (139.65) Gapping up +5 I like to see small pop at open just a little more then watch for topping around $147.50-$148 then lean into it short for gap fill for 3-4 points, if this pulls at open and gap fills then look to go LONG on it at $141

$CTAS Earnings beat (193.68) Gapping up +5.50 this morning I would let this gap fill to $195 and under then look to grab some long and look for a nice slow move back to pre-market highs

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