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1) $DFBG Lost of PR in there filing with a potential to hit $8 this morning (3.09) strong Pre-Volume today already
Stock Gapping up +2.50 I took a few long at $5.67 sold most up here for 1 point in the money. I like to see a small pop here maybe to $7 then a nice sell off on it back down to $5 spot, at this point it’s done what I wanted for 1 point in the money, not sure how much more it will do at the open so be cautious buying size up here. If it pushes thru $6.50 strong should get to $8 imo

2) $GBR Gapping up on no news (4.11)
Stock Gapping up +$1 would like really to short this and gap fill it back down to $4.25 and under, so I will be eying a decent pop at open on small short squeeze maybe get thru $6 then watch the topping on it then look to fade this all day to the downside, higher it pops better the gap fill fade imo

3) $DCPH Sun Trust out very positive on the stock today and put a $60 PT on it (41.03) Took a few long at $41.50
Stock Gapping up +.47 I like the call and I am looking for this to hit $43-$44 on it today. So if this pulls at open I will be buying the weakness on it and be looking for a nice all day slow move to the upside on it.

4) $MRTX Yigal Yigal Yigal of Citi ups the PT to $64 + Sun Trust also very positive notes out today (50.05)
Stock Gapping NONE, no MM’s on it, this should pop at open to $52-$53 quick then look to short it and gap fill it back down to $50.50 and under bottom curl it then look to go LONG for an all day slow move to the upside. Like the call should be a nice DayTrade on it for us today

5) $MU BofA (100 PT) and dozen other firms out strong to BUY the weakness today on MU (51.48)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I would simple nibble a few long at $53 area room to add at the open on weakness on profit taking then bottom curl then all day slow move to the upside. Only Goldman Sachs is sitting still reading the paperwork to decide, but in the end everyone else is BUY the weakness, so if this sells off and gap fills enjoy the ride.

6) $QRVO Key Bank out Strong with a $95 PT BUY rating (77.44)
Stock Gapping up +$1.80 I would prefer small pop at the open followed by a gap fill to $78.25 and under then look to go long on the stock for an all day slow move to the upside, if this simply gap fills and pulls at open I am a BUYER for 3-4 points to the upside on it.

7) $LRCX This has been wrecked for a couple weeks, I like to rebound this somewhat today (167.25)
Stock Gapping up +$2 would nibble a few LONG here at $169 room to add at the open on any pullback would like to see this hit $172-$173 today, if this pops aggressive at the open to those areas would short it and fill the gap on it, If it pulls simply add on weakness for a solid bounce

8) $ALV Interesting positive news in EU HOWEVER very negative at Barclays lowered there PT to $86 from $106 (100.28)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I took some short at $103.75 will add on pops at the open then look for a nice fader all day on it, would love to see this really sell off, however if I get $100 or less I will cover most of my position for +3 points or more, lets see how it opens

9) $NTES Tuesday caught a great upgrade to $285 from JPM but sold off think this rebounds today (249.58)
Stock Gapping up +$2 I would actually try and nibble some LONG here at $251 area room to add at the open if it pullback and look for this to make a nice move to $255 or more, if this pops hard at open over $255-$256 sell your position and short it back down fill the gap then look to go long on it

10) $TSLA Think this rebounds a little more then fades again, so wait for it to set up (310.86)
Stock Gapping up +$3 I like to see this pop a little more on a squeeze at the open maybe we get $315-$320 on it then watch for topping then look for a potential fader on it, Elon put out a tweet but I don’t think it did much at all so imo this should pop and fade more

Notable Calls:

$BABA MKM Partners indicates to BUY this weakness down here and with the market being up quite a bit this morning this should recover a few points, took a starter LONG at $186.45 room to add on any pullback If you just want to let it pull down a point or more at the open then BUY it I don’t see any harm in it .

$ANW announced entered a Memo on understanding (.63) are you serious???? A memo to understand the memo…OMG! any pop on this to me is an all day fader nothing more

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