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1) *******$BBOX signs a 10 million deal with potential of 300 million over 5-10 years with a partner (.95)
Stock Gapping up .80 would take a few LONG at $1.50+ and expect a solid squeeze at the open, NEWS sounds overwhelming for such a small company like this, so look for pop and topping on it. We will know when it’s ready to fade, for now let it pop

2) ***********$GCI Downgraded to Underweight JPM with $10 PT (10.84)
Stock Gapping down .84 I would nibble a few short here at $10 with room to add at the open top it off and look for an all day fader on it. Higher it pops if it does better the range, if this yanks at open to $9 and under real fast go long and bounce it for .50 to $1

3) *********$LKSD JPM out to downgrade to “unsustainable” with $14 PT (16.24) 1 word SHORT
Stock Gapping none, just need to see how this opens then I will be eyeing a sizable short on it. I’m thinking it opens at $15 then pops some then we begin to scale in short, if this opens at $14 then bounce it back to fill the gap then look to short the stock

4) $IQ BIDU lowers its stake in the company (31.19) Played it at $29.75 for just under .50 However this is very negative for stock
Stock Gapping down -2 this could run very ugly today Traders, imo no matter how much this may pop at open on short covering make no mistake this should head to $25-$26 today on this negative news.

5) $HUYA Normally follows in the steps of $IQ (29.92)
Stock Gapping down -$1 any pop at the open imo should be followed by a slow fader to $27.50 on the stock today, so let it pop and top off then eye the short side of the stock, if this yanks at open to same area play the bounce on it

6) $PSMT Mixed Earnings (93.40) Typically PSMT likes to fills some gaps on it first before selling off
Stock Gapping down -8 I like the $85 level to nibble some LONG play a bounce to $90+ top it off then look to fade it all day long back to lows, if this yanks hard at the open to $84-$85 level I am a buyer and I will play the bounce on it

7) $VC will replace WGL in the S&P MidCap 400 (128.68) Very positive for the company and the stock
Stock Gapping up +$8 I would like to short this gap up, so if this pops at open towards $140+ eye the short side of the trade and look to gap fill this back down at least to $130-$131 level, Higher it pops better the fade, if this pulls at open just cover your short around that position

8) $BABA Everyone out there is saying BUY on weakness (186.88) simply put BUY 190 Calls for 1 week and sit on them
Stock Gapping up +.50 take a few LONG at $186.25 let it pop .75-$1.50 at the open then let it pullback hard to $183-$184 area then look to go long for a slow move to highs, more it pulls better the range for us

9) $TSLA Just another day another sell off today maybe we see $275-$280 on it (309.16) More Musk cries, more it fades
Stock Gapping down -$5 I like to see some short squeeze at the open towards $308-$310 spot if it comes then watch for topping on it then look to fade it all day again, If this yanks at open hard to $297-$298 go long play the bounce then fade it again. This will take some skill so be ready for the action on it.

10) $BIIB Positive Alzheimer Data News (298.81) Multiple PT all under $400 I see
Stock Gapping up +$40 I actually like the SHORT side of this today, so imo if this breaks $335 at the open Ilike to get 10 more points to the down side on it, so let it pop first at the open stock has room to $350+ then watch the short side of the stock

Notable Calls:

$YY Gaping down on Tariff news (93.95) I would like to see a solid pull at the open if it comes to $89-$90 then look to play the bounce on it, If this pops at all at the open towards $95 I would scale in short and fade this all day back to lows

$WWE BTIG with upgrade to $95 from $75 (75.37) Take a few LONG at $75.50 room to add at the open this upgrade and PT should get the stock to $78-$79 today.

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