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1) $BA UBS out with $515 PT BUY Rating. WOW!!! (331.76) Long a few this morning at $338.25
Stock Gapping up +7 nibbling a starter long will give it room to fill some of the gap at the open but like the idea with this upgrade and PT we see $345+ on it today, so I will be patient as this trade sets up for us, bottom like should come down $335 area then bottom curl it .

2) $BGG Earnings Beat gapping up (18.41)
Stock Gapping up +$2 would take a few short around $20+ area look for the pop at the open then look for topping then short it and gap fill it back to $18.75 and under then look to go long on it

3) $CGC Cannacord out with a BUY and Raise to $50 speculative BUY (32.11)
Stock Gapping up +.60 took a starter long at $32.65 will let it gap fill to $32 and under will watch for the bottom curl like to see this head towards $35+ today on this upgrade, according to Cannacord this is a Game Changer for the company in there notes

4) $AVLR Goldman out with a BUY rating with $45PT (34.67) SHORT a few at $38
Stock Gapping up +4 Goldman calls normally gap fill so I will give the stock room to $40 pop at the open if it comes then I will add to my positon and gap fill this back down to at least $36 and under, if this yanks at open to $36 and under I will cover, smile and move on to the next one

5) $WUBA Earnings Beat (58.59)
Stock Gapping up +6 I like to see a little more pop at the open towards $66-$67 on a short squeeze watch for topping on it then look for a nice gap fill short on it to $61 and under, this is good for the stock but this will need to gap fill first before moving up for the day

6) $NTAP Mixed Earnings but seeing analyst call out buy the weakness (82.47)
Stock Gapping down -4 this morning if this pulls again under $79 I would be a buyer on it, I like to see this pop at the open towards $82 then 2 point plus pullback on it then look for bottom curl then look to go long, but if this yanks at open hard I am a buyer on this stock

7) *******$IIN 1.5 Million #Offering at $55 this should get filled quick Traders (63.60)
Stock Gapping down -8 points went long some at $55.35 will add on any dips looking for this to head back to $60+ on this trade I will be happy with 2 points or more Either way this is XMAS

8) $WMT Earnings Beat (90.22) HUGE Beat
Stock gapping up +10 I like to see more upside on this maybe a pop to $105 on the stock then look for a nice gap fill pullback to $96-$97 then cover then watch for this to go higher, simply be careful watch the short squeeze pop at the open higher it goes better the fade for us.

9) $NVDA With Market up look for this to continue to move like to see $268+ (259.08)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like to see small pop at the open towards $263-$265 area then look fot this to gap fill pullback on it to $260 area then look to go long on it for a nice slow all day move to the upside

10) $TSLA Gapping up on Market up took a beating yesterday (338.69)
Stock Gapping up +3 like to see a little squeeze at the open towards $344-$346 area then watch the ideal pullback on it to $335 and under then we will search for the bottom on it.

Notable Calls:

$TGT Up on WMT Numbers (80.69) Gapping up +3 just simply looking for a gap fill back to $81-$81.25 then bottom curl then slow all day move to the upside. This should fill the gap for easy money then we can go long on it.

$YY Gapping up on market up (73.40) Gaping up +1.75 took a few short at $75.20 area room to add at the open simply looking for a market pull on it for .50-$1 then cover for quick money then watch bottom curl for all day upside move


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