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1) $GTXI #FAIL (23.29) LONG a few at $1.45 stops at .90
Stock Gapping down -$23 Took some long at $1.45 Pre-Market sold some for +1 at $2.45 looking for $3.50 to possibly $4.00 on the stock today on some short covering squeeze.

2) $NBEV Beautiful overnight from $7.50 to $10+ in Pre-Market (7.85)
Stock Gapping up now down .10 I like to see this pull at open then small pop maybe get it thru $8.5-$9 then rush it to $10 spot then top it off and short it once lower lows set in, this caught a do/g from Maxim which is pulling it down so thinking the run on it may get held up a little

3) $DTEA Take over speculation (3.35)
Stock Gapping up +2.50 I like to see small pop at open followed by a nice gap fill fade to $3.95 and under on this, volume is thick which is good so I do expect a nice little short squeeze pop but in the end I think this is just noise to prop the stock so watch those lower lows to set in and look to fade it off.

4) $PYX Gapping up +2.35 for another play in it today (26.10)
Stock Gapping up +2.35 took some short at $28.45 this morning as you can see per twitter stock fully gapped filled here at $26 for +2 POINTS now looking for this to possible pop at open back thru $28+ would actually nibble a few long here at $26 with a little room to add at the open

5) $UNFI Earnings Mixed (33.85)
Stock Gapping down -$3 I would be a BUYER long here at $30 and under I think this will short cover squeeze at the open towards $31-$31.50 then look for a nice all day fader on it, higher it pops at open better the fade don’t be surprised if this hits $32+ a lot of investors like to buy the weakness on $UNFI if this smashes to $28 at open definitely get in the and buy it

6) $MU Earnings Mixed lightens on guidance pist of Investors (46.06) seeing PT d/g already
Stock Gapping down -$1.06 would nibble some short at $45 level room to add at the open looking for this to retrace back to $43-$44 or lower. So keep an eye on the downside of the stock. If this pops at open thru $45.50-$46 I would short it

7) $CRSP on top of the Offering also now a downgrade to underperform RJay (48.99)
Stock Gapping down -$2.40 think we get a pop at open on short covering for 1-1.5 points then we get the all day fader on it, if this smashes at open to $45 spot or under I would be a buyer on it

8) $TLRY Cramer out negative this morning saying its overcrowded (176.35)
Stock Gapping down -$30 POINTS I like to see this pop at open get thru $160+ then top it off then slow fader, be careful on the short side, let it set up, if this pulls hard at open below $140-$145 I would long it for quick 10+ point bounce risky trade so trade small on your share count

9) $BIDU Gapping up on Tariffs news (230.62) also $BABA up as well +4
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like to see this gap fill at the open after initial pop to $232 area or under then bottom curl then long to the upside I took starter short at $234 myself will add at the open looking for the 2 point pull on it

10) $NTES Piper out with a $280 PT BUY rating (213.19) had a huge run yesterday already
Stock Gapping up +7 took a few short at $219 will give it room to $222+ then look for some gap fill to $215-$216 before considering going long on it. NTES tends to gap fill before legging up

Notable Calls:

$YY Gapping up on $NTES upgrade (74.20) Gapping up +1.40 like to see quick pop at the open towards $76-$77 then look to gap fill this back down to $74.50 and under then look for bottom curl then look to go long on the stock for a slow all day move to the upside

$ZYNE Cantor out with a BUY rating and a $21 PT (8.01) Like to see a small pop at open maybe thru $10-$10.50 then look for a nice gap fill sell off to $8.50 an under, a lot of bag holders on this stock so I expect them to cash out on this upgrade so watch for it.

$IPO YMAB Priced 6 million at $16. If the stock open less then $19-$20 would take a few and add on dips I like this IPO and I think if it opens readable should be a solid winner for a few points to the upside

$ARGX going to give it another shot here at $78.95 looking for a pop at open thru $80+ stock closed at $80.50 yesterday not sure why this is gapped down so will be patient on it Piper out defending this morning


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