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1) $AMRN Top line results REDUCE IT met its primary endpoint (2.99)
Stock Gapping up +9.50 This is pretty thick up here, so lets see if it pops at open and we get thru $14 expect tons of upgrades across the board no doubt there will be some, also OFFERING will come in 2 days from today if this starts to sell off look for a move to $8 and under. Let it show you with lower lows to set in before getting to excited on the short side

2) $AGTC Wells Fargo raised to Marketer form with $20 PT from $6 wow!!! (4.40)
Stock Gapping up +.80 trying to get a starter on this at $5.20 no fills but If I do I will be adding on dips, I like this a lot I think this has room to $6.50-$7 on this, its rare that wells comes out with stuff like this. If this gap fills to $4.50 make sure you get in there and get some for a nice play on it

3) $XON announce advance development into WEED (14.50) alerted at $15.90 in chat
Stock Gapping up +4 would like to see this sell off and gap fill to $15.50-$16 and under then watch for bottom curl on it if this pops at open let it rush to $18-$20 again then top it off and look to short it and fade it back down, imo this is just noise

4) $AMD RBC out with a $40 PT (31.02)
Stock Gapping up none, would nibble some long and add on weakness to $30 and under think we get a solid move to $32-$32.50 once it pops at open think it will get going but if this pulls would buy on weakness

5) $HTHT Goldman Sachs out with a $39 PT from $33 (31.08)
Stock Gapping up +1.40 would take a few short at $32.50 area look to gap fill back to $31.20 area nibble long add on weakness look for all day slow move to the upside on it

6) $NTNX Susquehanna out big time with a cut to $33 PT from $55 (46.45)
Stock Gapping down -$4 I would like to see this pull at open to $40 spot then bounce at open to $44-$45 then top it off then look to fade it all day long to lows, let it short cover some before shorting it with size its down already 4 points so let it set up then we nail the short

7) $EAT BMO out big time with a cut to Underperform with $40 PT (47.98)
Stock Gapping none, no MM’s on this yet, I like to see this pull at open to $44-$45 area then look for a quick 2 point short covering bounce, this may gap fill all the way back BUT if this opens at $47.50 and above go SHORT the stock get in there and look for an all day fader on it

8) $TLRY Tricky Stock so this is how I see it today (123.00)
Stock Gapping down -$25 points would nibble small at $99 area see if we get a pop at open 5-7 points before fading again, IF this pulls hard at open to $90 area look for shorts to come in and go long the stock for a nice 5-8 point play imo $99 is a great start for a few quick points let see how it opens

9) $ALXN Positive Top Line Results Phase 3 (121.99)
Stock Gapping up +8 I think we run this to $132-$135 at the open then slow fader of the top to $126 and under, let it pop then lower lows will set in and they we can nail it short, if this yanks at open start small give it room and let’s see if we get the fade on it. IMO I think it pops a little more at the open the fades off

10) $NFLX Gapping down on Market down, think this weakness will be bought up (361.19)
Stock Gapping down -$3 I like to see this small pop at open get thru $359-$360 the quick rush to $365 area then fade it back down to $357 and under then watch for bottom curl then look to go long on it, more it flushes at the open better the pay for us on the long side, imo this will get bought up traders

Notable Calls:

$ARGX Gapping down -$1.50 I like to buy the weakness today on this. So looking for a little pop at open maybe a move to $78+ today on this, Took some long at $76.50 will give it room to $75 Piper out defending big time on the stock with $154 PT

$AWSM Gapping down HUGE from Friday’s close (19.00) Down –5.5 POINTS would keep an eye on this one LONG at the open maybe nibble a few short at $13.68 here with room to $12 lets see if it bounce at the open to $15+ before selling off again, I like it down here think we get some short covering on it before fading all day on it



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