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1) $PHAS Completes Phase 2 Clinical Trial (3.91) Not a big deal imo
Stock gapping up +1.00 like to see Newbies chase this at the open in small cap chat rooms if this pushes at open you need volume at $5-$5.10 then you can get a quick $6 on it, but if lower lows set in within the first 2-3 minutes stock should have a slow gap fill fade all day back to $4.10 and under let it set up

2) $CMTL Earnings Beat Raises guidance “slight” (29.82)
Stock gapping up +$4 would nibble small short at $33.70- area room to $35 if it comes should top off then look for nice 2-3 point gap fill pullback sell-off to $31 and under, more it pops better the fade imo If this pulls and gap fills to $31 and under cover and bottom curl it should be fun today

3) $BERY BofA out with a BUY rating and $51PT (39.18)
Stock gapping up +$1.20 like to see push towards $41-$42 at the open this is a nice upgrade then look for a decent pullback to $39.75-$40 and under then look to bottom curl it then slow all day move to the upside, this should give us range, I would prefer the pop at the open then nice short for 2-3 points then gap fill bottom curl this will NOT fully gap fill so don’t expect it imo

4) $PCRX To join the S&P 600 (37.89)
Stock gapping up +$4 This should flay stock has room to run especially last few days of this selling off, like to see push through $41 then look for some grind then another leg up towards $42-$43 on it, if this at all pulls at the open towards $38.50-$39 I would be a BUYER on the bottom curl stock should put in a nice day to the upside

5) $MDCO announce positive results Phase 3 “Study” (47.14)
Stock gapping up +2 like to see this push small at the open towards $51+ top it off then look to fade this slow slow gap fill back down to $48 and under, if this dumps right at the open watch $47.50-$48 would nibble some off the bottom slow move back to highs, I would prefer the small pop and sell off bottom curl it would be fun

6) $SNX Earnings Beat “in-line guidance” (95.75)
Stock gapping up +$9 think this is up way too much so let it pop a little more at the open like to see $106-$107 on it then lean into it short and gap fill it to $98-$100 an under, if this pulls and snaps $102 we should see $98 pretty fast on profit taking gap fill, more the pull and closer the gap fill better the range for an all day move to the upside

7) $ROKU Another day another play for us (103.53)
Stock gapping up +$2 like to see this pop at the open towards $105.50-$108+ then watch for topping, IF this yanks 1 more time at the open watch for the $98-$99 area and we should squeeze it for nice play to the upside for quick 4-5 points or more.

8) $NFLX Another day another play for us (254.59)
Stock gapping up +1.5 like to see this rebound today towards $258-$260 if this snaps and starts to sell off watch the $252 area then it breaks there we should get a pull towards $245-$248 on it, this has taken a HUGE beating last few days so this may rebound some today, let it set up

9) $CTAS Earnings Beat guidance in line (252.14)
Stock gapping up +$10 imo this is up way to much would nibble small really small at $262 give it room to $265 once $260 breaks stock should sell off to $255-$256 and under then bottom curl it then slow all day move back to pre-market highs, higher it pops better the fade for us

10) $AVGO prices 3.25mil 8% series A Convertibles (282.31)
Stock gapping down -$12 imo I would be a buyer here at $270-$271 area room to $268 at the open if it pulls think this is down way too much like to see a nice push at the open 4-6 points on some short covering bounce Give this stock room but once we pop at open to $272 it should go quick to the upside play small

Notable Calls:

$SHOP Market gapping up small (295.47) Like to see small push at the open towards $300-$303+ top it off then possible more selling, this must break $292 to get a decent short in, so wait for this one, this has been down for 5 days at some point buyers will be coming in and buying this weakness. so be careful thinking $280 and under. I’d like to see some decent rebound on this

$TTD Market gapping up small (192.61) Still not out of the woods yet on this, however stock is flat like to see push at open towards $195-$197 top it off then slow fader again, if this punches through $200 and grinds for a bit stock will continue to move higher towards $203-$205 if this yanks at open to $190 and under I would be a buyer on it for quick 4-5 points then top it off then fade it

$NKE Earnings Beat (87.18) gapping up +$4 liker to see small pop at the open towards $93-$94 area top it off then look for slow fade back down 2 points or more, this will NOT gap fill imo but at least pullback to $88.50-$89 area

$QURE Bernstein out with a BUY rating and $73 PT saying to BUY the weakness (42.78) would buy anything with $43 handle on it at the open like the stock to rebound back up towards $45-$47 on this upgrade should be a nice bottom play long for everyone for 2-4 points to the upside if this pulls at open below $42 would add to position