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1) MRNS Positive Top Line results Phase 2 Primary Endpoint (1.37) Nice volume this morning
Stock gapping up +.75 Every Newbie will be on this and these cheap ass chat rooms will chase this I would NOT long it unless this pops at $2.20 WITH Volume 500k to 1m then we can run it for an extra point or 2, However if small pop pullback to $1.90 and under should get an all day fader on it, let is show you for the first 2-3 mins then we nail it

2) $CAG Earnings Beat “reaffirms guidance” (29.90)
Stock gapping up +$1.10 Mr.Perdue noted CCall at the open so be careful imo this should simply gap fill back down to $30 and under, however before shorting it at $31 give it room to pop at the open once topping sets in we will nail a nice fade on it, if this gap fills at the open bottom curl it then go long back to pre-market highs

3) $FUL Earnings Miss issues downside guidance (47.52)
Stock gapping down -$3.5 like to see this pop at the open towards $46+ top it off then look to fade the stock all day, if this pulls hard watch the $$40-42 area and under buyers will come in and scoop this back up 1-3 points to the upside

4) $AIR Great Earnings Beat (45.32) Nice revenue upside and beat by EPS of .06
Stock gapping up +$2 like to see a nice squeeze at the open towards $48+ if it comes, they really beat nice, if this at all gap fills to $45.50-$46 area at the open would look to scale in long and look for slow all day move to the upside, If this pops give it room to get through $48+++ then we can short it for 1-2 points, higher it goes better the pullback

5) $SQ Wells Fargo upgrades the stock to BUY with $80PT (58.51)
Stock gapping up +2 very thick volume this morning However with that said, I like the short idea at $60.30 area room to $61.50 if it pops at open look to gap fill this back down to anything under $59 then take a few long for an all day slow move towards $62-$64 in the next coming days if not today should be a nice slow grind to the upside once it gap fills some

6) $ENTA disappoint results ofr ARGON-1 study EDP for treatment of NASH (71.28)
Stock gapping down -$12 I would perfer a little more sell off at the open would like to see this come down to $50-$52 area before taking long, However if this pops at the open through $60 chase it fast for quick 4-5 points more towards $65 then short it for the day, I would love to see a yank at open first imo

7) $WHR JPM Tags an Overweight with a PT of $172 (150.36) This stock normally fills the gap
Stock gapping up +$4.5 Would take short $155 area room to $157 look for this to gap fill back down to $150-$151 at the open bottom curl then slow all day move towards $157+ on it, Gap fill it first then enjoy the slow move to the upside

8) $BYND McDonalds conducting 12 weeks test in Canada to try $BYND meats (138.32) HUGE
Stock gapping up +22 I’d like to see this squeeze at the open even up 22 points this is HUGE for $BYND $MCD is no small company traders big opportunity if MCD does it many will follow, lets see if we can’t touch $170+ at the open then look for a 10-$12 point pullback on profit taking, if this pulls or snaps $155 at the open should hit $145-$147 area bottom curl then all day move back to highs. This is already up big so let it show you at the open

9) $FDS Earnings Miss downside guidance by .-70 cents (270.99)
Stock gapping down -$23 OK>>>>>>Be careful on this one stock has a gap to fill back in March 3/11 to $230 so if this yanks look for the $230-$235 area for buying to come in and bounce, However IF and I mean IF this pops at open to $252 chase a few take it to $258-$262 then look for a nice all day bleeder on it, I would prefer pop and fade on this, but if this begins to dump it has room to $230

10) $NFLX another day of trading it still rebounding (264.75)
Stock gapping up +$5 I would be short this no matter what at $269 area room to $271 this will gap fill right back to $263-$265 and under watch for bottom curl then possible slow all day move to the upside towards $270 If market starts to sell off this will go lower, so keep an eye on spy but initially I like the Gap fill at the open

Notable Calls:

$LGIH TOP SHORT IDEA gapping UP FOR NO REASON (82.74) Thin, IF YOU can get short $86-$87+ in pre-market add on any pop at the open if it comes, look for this to gap fill quick and snap fast back down to $83 and under, then watch for bottom curl then slow move back towards pre-market highs NO REASON FOR THIS TO BE UP, Great find Palmer!!!

$TTD Market gapping up (194.58) gapping up +$4 like to see this dump and gap fill back to $190-$192 at the open then look for bottom curl to set in then slow all day move towards $200 more it pulls better the range for us, imo any pop at open towards $198-$200 I would short it, TTD always fills there gaps after gapping up a lot ENJOY

$EXAS Oppenheimer out with a Outperform rating and $130 PT (97.28) I LIKE THIS I LIKE THIS! gapping up +1.5 would buy anything you can at $97.50-$98 handle on it add on dips look for stock to make a nice run through $100-$102+ Option Traders I like this for 105-110 1 month calls