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1) $ALQA Received a Grant award to support clinical development (2.13) Grants mean SHORT in #ACT
Stock Gapping up .80 imo this is nothing then noise and a quick pop watch for topping let lower lows set in then look to fade the stock back to $2.25 and under

2) $XPO Strong defense but more important the 1 billion buyback announcement (44.50)
Stock Gapping up +4 and being held up and this is important, I like to see apop at open thru $51-$52+ then be done with it, If this yanks at the open would be a buyer around the $45 range this is being defended strong at Citibank this morning.

3) $ROKU Market down this is down you know I love playing this (33.74)
Stock Gapping down -.80 would nibble some long here at $33 and under let it bounce back to $34 and under then fade it, if this pulls hard at open towards $31.50 and under go LONG and bounce it back for 1-1.5 points I would love to see $30 on this today before the close

4) $BZUN China Negative Tariff news floating out there (36.87)
Stock Gapping down -1.10 I like to see small pop at open gap fill it to $36.50+ then top it off and look to fade this down, if this pulls at the open to $34.50 area go long and look to bounce it. Should be fun

5) $ESPR Yesterday’s call on GS sell rating to $45 PT (50.95)
Stock Gapping down -$1.05 I like to see this pull a little more at the open towards $48.50 level if it comes then bounce it for 1-2 points to the upside then look to top it off and fade it

6) $SBUX issues UN-Surprising guidance (66.91)
Stock Gapping down -$2.50 would nibble long at $64.00 and if it pulls at the open more towards $63 and under would add on it then look for a nice gap fill long on it back to $66+

7) $WBA Goldman out with a sell rating and lowers PT to $68 from $73 (82.32)
Stock Gapping down -$2.5 would long a few here gap fill it to $81.50+ then look to slow fade on the market gapping down, if this pulls at the open to $77-$78 go long and bounce it back, imo this is a weak call they have been at $73 for 2 months and the stock has always traded higher but given the market conditions today this could sell off and we nail the bounce on it

8) $SHOP Launches an offering 2.6million $154-$156 (161.06)
Stock Gapping down -$13 points I took a LONG starter at $148 will give this room to $145 and under to add, I like to see this bounce back through $152+ this will be a little tricky so start very small but looking at the chart I see a gap that wants to get filled around $145-$147 so if it gets their I will be adding to my LONG and hold it, simply playing a nice 4-6 point bounce on it

9) $COST Earnings Miss (226.51) FYI Investors love to buy up $COST on weakness even with bad earnings
Stock Gapping down -$10 would nibble a few at $216 Long give it room to $212 think this will bottom curl and simply look for gap fill to $221-$223 on it, more it pulls if it does at the open better the range to the upside, but imo this will be bought back up

10) $ADBE Earnings Mixed (248.08)
Stock Gapping down -$6 I like to see small pop at open to $245-$247 then look to fade the stock back to lows, if this yanks at open to $235-$238 watch for bottom curl on it then bounce it nice for a few points to the upside

Notable Calls:

$NFLX Market down China Talks again (276.02) Gapping down -$4 I like to see small pop at open on some short covering to $275+ then watch for topping then look to fade the stock back down to lows, if this dumps at open to $268-$270 at the open look to bounce the stock for a 5-7pts

$TIK Geats a $615,000 order for Test Set (3.02) Really? Ok let it pop at open if it does through $4.50-$4.75 watch for topping and lower lows to set in then look for the nice fader on it. Should be fun

$MRNA Swing Trade $18.51 avg (18.76) Stock gapping down will add on weakness as it sells off to $18 again today maybe even get a hair below $18 we will add to my swing position if it does


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