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1) $MTSL No News just pumpers and chasers (2.50)
Stock Gapping up on no news, let this pop at open thru $3 spot then we go long catch .50 cents or more then let it fade back down and fill the gap. Should be a quick fun play at the open for us all.

2) $RKDA Milestone¬†in Develop extended shelf life tomatoes……WHAT THE ???????? Seriously (6.88) you can’t make this up?
Stock Gapping up +2 imo this is nothing then a short any pop at the open imo this is nothing the horrible PR higher it pops better the fade

3) $TTS Earnings Beat (8.30)
Stock Gapping up +$1 I like to fill the gap some to $8.50-$8.75 then bottom curl then look to go long on it. If this pops at open towards $9.50-$10 spot watch for topping then lean into it short

4) $DM FERC release decision on gas pipeline related tax law (13.65)
Stock Gapping up +$4 I like to see a little more pop at open maybe we get $19+ on it then watch for topping the short it and look to gap fill some of this back down to $15 and under, let this set up it could squeeze a tad at the open but watch that topping then look to fade it,

5) $PM Earnings Miss (82.15)
Stock Gapping down -$5 normally this will get bought up on weakness so look for the conference call to bail this out 2-3 points or more to the upside on it, typically sell into the call, long the call, call finish the short again. Like to see this get to $80-$81 then slow all day fader on it

6) **********$KMB UBS out with sell rating and $90 PT OUCH!!! (103.90) Got some at $102 starter short
Stock Gapping down -1.25 any pop at the open I will add into my position, just like CLX this should be an all day fader I’m hoping for a yank at the open for 3-5 points if it comes then cover but if this pops at open and gap fills I will add to my position

7) $DHR Earnings Beat (98.78)
Stock Gapping p +$8 I like to see small pop at the open towards $108 watch for topping then slow fader gap fill back to $102-$103 or under on profit taking, Good beat, BUT with market down I like to see this get some serious profit taking kick in and give us 4-5 points to the downside

8) *******$FFIV Morgan Stanley out with an underperform 130 PT (179.45) I want to play this!!!!!!
Stock Gapping down -4 gapping down on the bid -8 ANY pop at the open over $177 imo is short short short if this yanks at open hard to $170 and under be a buyer play the bounce in the end this should get hurt hard today on this PT downgrade look for 160 August PUTS

9) $DPZ Missed on Guidance (283.68) I would be buying some at $269 level Traders and bounce this
Stock Gapping down -$16 points would take a few LONG at $269-$270 level bounce it to $275-$277 then lean into it short and look for slow fader on it, if this yanks at open to $265 and under I would be playing the bounce, imo this should bounce at least 4-5 points or more.

10) $TSLA Needham out with a downgrade with $308 PT (323.85)
Stock Gapping down -7 I like to see small sell off at the open to $310 area then nibble some LONG and play it for 5-8 points to the upside, imo I think this really wont get hurt on there comments but just a slight pull and then it should get short squeezed again.

Notable Calls:

$********CLX UBS out with $110 PT look for continuation on this to $125 and under if this pops at open towards $129+ get some short and look for an all day fader on it (129.53) Gapping down 2 points already should be fun, took some short again this morning will add on pops looking for $125 and under at the open or by end

$EBAY Missed on Earnings Cit reiterates BUY rating but drops the PT to $50 (37.95) Risky Trade but EBAY tends to get bought up on weakness so I’m play for the short squeeze myself I currently have a $35 average and will try and be patient with it, the ideal price to enter imo is $34 and under so if you want to wait for it, look for that then bounce it 1-2 points then be done with it

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